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That's a heck of a lot better than I've ever heard Dylan play it! I really like the high-note flourishes. I don't remember hearing those played before and makes this really stand out. Aside from the actual playing, the technical aspects are excellent. Going to have to start calling her Georgette Martin.

Excuuuuuuse me for any delay. I just finished up today's work at MFU. It takes time to come back from the 50's.

Better watch out Sensei, she just might be snatching the pebble sooner than you think.


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I'd love the day where I was forced to hand her guitar instruction off to a better instructor. In fact, the goal is still to ship her to a university to major in a music discipline.

The flourishes you hear are there in his studio recordings, but less easily distinguished with the other instrumentation and vocals added. One of the reasons that I enjoy doing what I do is that I get to hear the music and the characteristics of the individual instrument - and that's often things that aren't easily heard while there's accompaniment.

I've sorta taken to calling her EVH - Eldest Van Hoodlum. And, I saw notification of your email! Thunderbird happily tells me when I get new email. It pops a handy dandy notice right up on my screen. I get a lot of email, but I let it do that 'cause it's not too distracting. I also use IMAP, which means my email is pretty much always in sync across multiple systems. Sweet!


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EVH is already taken