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This next one is one that I had absolutely nothing to do with. This was not an assignment, but is something she opted to learn on her own.

She also recorded it on her own, edited it on her own, and is proud of it on her own. Well, no... I'm pretty proud of it too - as this is one that she did entirely on her own.

The guitarists will note that she's 'maturing' rapidly. You can hear this with the sense of rhythm and consistency throughout. Her attack is relatively even, the playing smooth, and the chords are played quite clean.

This one even involved the use of a capo and she's pretty proud of it. She says to tell you that it's difficult for her to adjust to playing the chords with a capo, because her fingers are used to playing them with the different spacing at the lower frets. It's something she'll adjust to in time.

But, most significant is the smoothness and consistency of the attack, as well as the timing.

Bob Dylan - Blowin' In The Wind:

She adds that I need to ping @cynicaloldfart - and seems to not believe me when I tell her that she can be confident that he'll refresh the thread when he has time! I'm pretty sure that she's made me type more stuff for her than I've typed for myself tonight. LOL If it weren't Voat, I'd probably suggest she just get her own account and post it herself.

Alas, I'm not her parent and her parent is definitely not gonna approve of her having an account on Voat!


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That was some very nice playing for any skill level. A lot to be proud of!


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"Tell him I didn't start playing until May. Oh, and tell him I said thank you."

I'm telling you, the young lady doesn't fish for compliments. She insists on them.

It doesn't seem to be going to her head - she's legitimately proud of the results of her hard work and speedy learning. She's still at that stage where she's able to put 4 hours in - and then noodle for another 2.

Remember those days? Those days where we'd have our guitar in our hands pretty much all day?

Yeah, she's at that phase. This isn't meant to stroke my ego - but she also has a significant advantage of just being able to come ask questions and for a demonstration. She's very much a visual learner. "Can you show me how to ..." Then she goes off by herself and returns a while later with a new question.

Her ability to read tab is definitely improving rapidly. She's at the stage where she has some good muscle memory and she got started properly, with form and drills.

It's no longer painful to listen to her practice! It was funny to hear her early questions about why I'd assign her the various drills, why I'd stress form, why I'd have her learning a pile of chord shapes, etc... I'd respond with answers such as, "So that you can learn faster later."

Learning good muscle memory really, really makes a difference. There's still tons for her to learn, but she's already been able to come on stage and do a song with us a couple of times.

As her teacher, it's very exciting to witness and she's thoroughly enjoying herself. It's also a good thing that she's still young. Younger brains are much, much more adept at learning music (specifically, as in more so than other subjects) than older brains. Older brains can do it, but they're less plasticine and music education has actual measurable physiological changes in the brain structure.

Yup... You can (though you'll probably go to jail) dissect a human brain and determine (with great confidence) not just that someone studied music - but how much they studied it.

You'll develop a couple of ridges in a very pronounced manner. They're in the left part of your brain, located near the rear, and are about two and a half inches behind the end of your ear.

If you learn music as an adult, the brain doesn't really change much at all. If you learn it as a kid, the change is quite pronounced and even a layman could probably spot it.


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Very nice playing young lady, wonderful strumming and consistency going on there... good job! :)


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Indeed. She says, "Thank you, ma'am." in her best southern drawl. (She doesn't actually have one, but she tried and then giggled.)

LOL And she just followed that up with, "Ah, shucks, ma'am. It ain't nothing."

But... Yes, the consistency is what I think I appreciated most about her work. I listened pretty carefully (and she tells me that she didn't do it with editing, and I've no reason to doubt that) and the consistency of her attack is really good. It's fairly complicated strumming for her skill level, and it's consistent volume and sustain. So, that means she had fairly uniform force and speed. The ringing tells me that her chords were played cleanly, which matters more to me than her speed. The tempo was mostly even throughout, but I can tell she didn't use a metronome, as there's some speeding up in the middle.

I'm impressed and I'm sure it seems like I'm being overly critical - but that's actually my job. That's what I'm supposed to do.

I don't really like having to give her a grade for her work, but that's my job and I have to formally give her a grade, and be able to present the grades on request to the Board of Education. So, I'm required to judge her work. I don't really like it - but I'll ensure that it's a positive experience for both of us and that grading is used as a tool to learn and not used as a weapon to control.


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That's a heck of a lot better than I've ever heard Dylan play it! I really like the high-note flourishes. I don't remember hearing those played before and makes this really stand out. Aside from the actual playing, the technical aspects are excellent. Going to have to start calling her Georgette Martin.

Excuuuuuuse me for any delay. I just finished up today's work at MFU. It takes time to come back from the 50's.

Better watch out Sensei, she just might be snatching the pebble sooner than you think.


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I'd love the day where I was forced to hand her guitar instruction off to a better instructor. In fact, the goal is still to ship her to a university to major in a music discipline.

The flourishes you hear are there in his studio recordings, but less easily distinguished with the other instrumentation and vocals added. One of the reasons that I enjoy doing what I do is that I get to hear the music and the characteristics of the individual instrument - and that's often things that aren't easily heard while there's accompaniment.

I've sorta taken to calling her EVH - Eldest Van Hoodlum. And, I saw notification of your email! Thunderbird happily tells me when I get new email. It pops a handy dandy notice right up on my screen. I get a lot of email, but I let it do that 'cause it's not too distracting. I also use IMAP, which means my email is pretty much always in sync across multiple systems. Sweet!


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Awesome, thanks for adding more. I have an audience listening with me tonight and we were running out of music! This one sounds like something that Chris would play. I am sure it's perfect to the record. I don't even have to check


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"It was fun to learn and fun to play. There are some parts that don't make sense, but that's what the tab said to do."

(That's a bit paraphrased.) She's referring to a couple of places where Dylan chose to throw in some extra strumming and a strange chord change that only makes sense if the lyrics are being sung.

She also adds a thanks.