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Thanks for explaining my dilemma lol. Stage fright is very real and very scary!!

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It is! It takes a great deal of courage to share. You're opening yourself up to critique and potentially going to get responses that are not kind.

I used to deal with stage fright and, indeed, I actually felt some trepidation when I first started to share tracks on Voat.

Yup... I've got nearly 50 years of experience and am a trained classical guitarist - but I still got that all-too-familiar butterfly feeling in my stomach for the first couple of tracks.

The good news is that we're usually pretty positive. We care more about you enjoying yourself than we care about the quality of the music. If you're interested, someone here will give an honest assessment of the music - but they'll probably do so with an emphasis on how you can improve it and what you did right.

Someone said it really well, just the other day, but I forgot who it was - and thus can't really credit them.

It basically boils down to this sub being one of the few places on Voat where we don't talk about the things we hate (mostly) but, instead, we talk about the things we enjoy. I think it was a great way to express it. It might have been @chuckletrousers, but I'm not exactly sure. (I communicate with many, many people.)

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I have gathered exactly that from this sub. Never really shared my stuff before and I dont have anything original so I'll aim for a cover. Yall arent getting any vocals though haha