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Today's offering is the The Company's Lament. Compete with my usually tone steadiness problems. This one's 8 solid minutes, so be warned.

This is a Piobaireachd, or Ceòl Mòr style tune, which is the historical/traditional form. Many of them, like this one, involve a series of variations on the same theme. It basically goes from more melodic to simpler, then gets increasingly technically difficult. This is not a music style popular with non-pipers, nor, unfortunately, is it that popular among pipers.

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I liked that. It kinda puts me in a trance when you repeat that trill part and it's a good melody and nice bad ass sound. You may not be a true Scots man but you sure are a true Scots woman.

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Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! I think the trance feeling means you get the style, many people get bored with it instead :)

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Squeaky bags!

Speaking of them, I played with one of your tracks. The results weren't very good - but I kept playing with it. I ran out of time, but I think I may actually be able to do something with it. So, I'm going to try again.

Alas, this is my busy time of the year and I've been exceptionally busy. So, you're very likely to hear one of your tracks with some effects added to it and it's likely to happen soon.

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Cool, I'm glad it's probably going to work haha I look forward to hearing it soon!

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That was cool as hell!

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This was great! I enjoyed it and visualized the beautiful Scottish landscape! I do miss the landscape, you make me miss it more.

I just love what this music stands for and the strength, resilience and courage this music produces in my soul.

I cannot explain it properly but I am so blessed by it! :)

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Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy it so much!