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What is a good site to upload something to if I want to embarrass myself? I'll give it a whirl... probably next week tho

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I prefer:

I prefer to do so with a registered account. There's also Vocaroo, but they'll eventually delete your file. doesn't do that and an account means you can log in and actually see what you've uploaded, link to it, edit any text you want with it, have private uploads, search your uploads by name, etc...

Also, don't be embarrassed. It's not a competition. It's not about being better than anyone. It's about enjoying it, sharing the experience, sharing the music, having the conversations, and getting to learn new things and teach new things.

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Thanks for explaining my dilemma lol. Stage fright is very real and very scary!!

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Thanks! I am not capable of the stuff yall are sharing but I'll at least upload a short lick or two