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A rising guitar star AND a fledgling audio engineer. There's just no stopping her (and who would want to?).

I'll add a little pressure/motivation

She's insistent that she can play you something better

I won't forget and am looking forward to it. I doubt I'll be disappointed (haven't been yet!!).


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"Tell him that I'll show him."

So, she's setting the bar pretty high for next week. I have every expectation that she'll make it.

She has one other track, and it's just her. I'll submit it in a little while.

As for her audio engineering, she's using Audacity and it initially started with me asking her to trim up recordings and take out the whitespace. She's since figured out a few buttons and does a fine job. I don't do much editing after recording and, frankly, I'm not very good at it.

So, pretty much every track I've shared in the past month and a half has been edited by her. I mentioned it a couple of times, but that seems to not meet her demands - and she wants it known that she's doing the work.

I'm okay with that. It's my opinion that she's earned the recognition.