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The CE 24! Good choice!

Very snazzy riffs. I always get a kick out of it when people hear only the audio tracks and mistake a PRS for a GLP. Do you experience that, at all?

Welcome to the thread, by the way. You found the right one! I'm glad ya made it!

What made you go with PRS? The CE 24 is a pricey piece (well, not for PRS) but definitely worth the expense.

How long have you been playing? Your playing indicates it has been at least a few years. ;-)


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I really love the versatility that PRS offers. It has all the sonic heft of a GLP, but can get killer strat tones in the single coil spots, especially the old CE’s. I have a CU24 as well, but I always grab this CE for my clean/dirty blues jamming, when I don’t want to play my Fender’s. It’s got a bit more spank to it.

I started playing for over 25 years ago, set electric guitar down for around 10-11 years to do vocals and acoustic, and picked it back up around 4 years ago. I don’t know what I was ever thinking! I actually posted in here maybe last year(?) a few times with my original account. My username was a bunch of random numbers; but I broke my phone and could never get ahold of anyone to recover the password, so I finally just made a new account. Wish I would’ve done it a long time ago haha


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That's definitely true. The tonal options of pretty much every PRS is fantastic. Even their lower price stuff (such as it is) is pretty good, from what I've observed.

It depends, but next week I'll try to get one of them out and play it for the thread. I have a couple from the private stock collection and they're sweet. I think you'll really appreciate the tone.

Should we expect you to visit the thread on a regular basis?

As I explained in the other conversation, we do this every week - and have been for quite some time. The first thread was in August of last year - but it didn't become a weekly thing until either November or December of 2017.

As for length of playing - it's pretty obvious that you've been playing for a while, which was why I asked.

Personally, on either December 20th or December 24th (I'm not exactly sure which), I will have been playing for 50 years. I didn't take formal lessons until January of 1969, but I got my guitar either on the 20th or on Christmas Eve. I want to say that I got it on the 20th, but I can't be completely certain.