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Yay plugging in my uber cool headphones to listen to you and the hoodlum now :) She really is doing so well, so proud of her... Gimme a mo, let me get settled and yip I may just tinker with the guitar site tonight too and see if I can post something :p

I was on time, wow I am trying to get better with this, I read your post about it, it had an impact on me... :)

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My post about which, exactly? LOL I write a whole lot of posts, Nadesh! Whole lots of 'em!

According to Wikipedia, the average novel is 40,000 words.

My site (not counting the submissions from anyone else - excluding what @MrHarryReems has contributed) is now over 200,000 words. I know, 'cause I installed a plugin! LOL

So, I've basically written 5 novels for the site. Five novels...


The ads have made like $20! I'm gonna be rich!

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The article about being on time.... duh.... Mister Novella I dub you!

I half wonder if you would write as much if you had to do it by ink ?