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This is the kind of guy that my dad would have known about. He was a blues historian for the blues society. I think he might have interviewed this guy before he passed away. I know he did with some T-bone. I think there was more than one of those though, so I am not sure. My dad used to travel the country seeking out those old blues players and documenting their stories before they were gone, or he would try to find the people associated with the performers if they were already gone and collect stores from the associates. I have boxes and boxes of old casette tapes with stuff like that on them. Some day i might go through those tapes and see whats on them. I have a few boxes of reel to reel tapes that I have know idea what are on those too, all i know is those boxes are fucking heavy.

Thanks to T-Bone for inventing all the music that we love !

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You can (and possibly should) send those tapes out to be preserved and they may need restoration. In the process, they also can convert them to digital.

The word you may be looking for is 'ethnomusicologist' - as they are the most likely to take an interest in your collection. Tell them the story you just typed to me and they may very well want to take care of all the expenses of preserving the material, restoring what needs to be restored, and converting it to digital.

A local university will probably have the correct people and contacts. I can look it up, if you want.

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actually I have contact numbers for the blues society people that he was working with. I would contact those guys before anyone else. I assume that they have copies of all the good stuff, but I guess I really don't know about it for sure. The blues society group was working together to archive all of this stuff, and I know my dad wasn't the archivist. He was one of the researchers. So the stuff I have is what I believe to be just his personal archive. I will have to look up the blues society and find out about it before the stuff does get age degraded.

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Nicely written article! I played mostly rock in bands, but I had some blues in my practice sessions. I didn't have access to the massive amount of media I do today or else I'm certain I could have hit up a lot more material.

So from Hendrix I didn't learn technical playing, but it was a lesson in playing with feeling. Vaughan was another great for both combined.

I started with many pedals and a digital effects processor and ended with a much simpler set-up of Wah wah, distortion, and the amp. Relying on your knowledge and talent for band performance is so much better. There are a ton of great players out there. Learn, practice, and have fun recording and preforming.

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Glad ya liked it. I've been at this for a while - both the site and playing. I've nearly reached the 5 decade mark for playing and I'm a classic guitarist, by training.

Alas, nobody pays to hear classical guitar - so I pretty much played everything but classical music. Which I don't mind.

I was a performing musician for years and years, sometimes as my only source of income. In the past year, I've come out of retirement and begun to perform again. It's a long story.

Today is Friday. At 20:00 Eastern, there will be a new thread posted and stickied. It's the weekly guitar thread - though all musicians are welcome. Gonna join us?

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Oh yeah, I've seen that weekly thread! I think I will be checking it out. It's always enjoyable to learn new things, and see how others are getting along in their progress.

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Hell , I can play guitar better than Hendrix.

He's dead.

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Do you remember Dr. Demento?

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Yep. Did you know DD is where Weird Al got his start.

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Can I make the list? I can play smoke on the water on a bass guitar.

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Can you? Yes. Anyone can make the list - if they put the work in.

Will you? Probably not.

It'd please me greatly to be able to justify your inclusion on the list. Really, it would. I'd love to add a goat to the list - and actually considered it but the person I was going to add figured I probably shouldn't add them. Quite a few people play better than Hendrix - it's not really a measure of fame or popularity.

It's a pain in the ass to keep it objective, but I can say (with some degree of confidence) that @cheeseboogersghost plays guitar better than Hendrix. Alas, he didn't want to be included on my list. He felt it was probably best that I not associate myself with him in public, given his reputation and antics. I was (and am) still willing. I ain't scared!

So, yes! Yes, you can make the list. However, you've gotta work to make the list and be able to demonstrate why you should be included on the list.

I'll eagerly await the opportunity to critically examine your musicianship! Please submit samples to the weekly guitar thread, by the site, or via email at uninvolved@outlook.com! Thanks!

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I think cheesebooger would be safe if you just identify him as a friend rather than a goat. But I definitely understand the hesitation. He's not known to give the jews the benefit of the doubt.

I don't really play anymore, been about 15 years. I was never really that good because I only played about a year or two. My original post was really a joke since smoke on the water on bass is probably the easiest song in existence to play.