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I feel like I just walked on to the stage at the grammys and now I have to try to come up with something profound to say now.

Thanks for all the laughs today theBuddha.

I dont know what to say, except it's all true.

I'm delusional. in my mind I do believe that I am a rock star. And I do live my life and act in accordance with those beliefs. I do know that there's not thousands of fans buying tickets to see me, or that I don't have a gold record on the wall. I do have several black and red and brown record albums nailed to the wall in my studio. LOL. Now I'm making myself laugh.

I say fuck it, it's my life. I am going to live it the way I want it to be.

I remember when I was young teenager and us neighborhood kids would talk about the future and I always would say I am going to have a harem. Well, I pretty much do. I pretty much get to have everything I want. Life is crazy that way here in my world.

The one thing I really want is to have a band that can play my songs that I write along with me, and make it sound like it sounds in my head. That would be the most awesomest thing ever. Most of the songs I write are too technically challenging for Chris to play along with me. He's working on it. In the mean time I been looking for other people, but it's not easy. So I just use my recording device and play along with myself. It would be better to have at least two other folks playing the instruments with me.

I don't have any doubt that it is going to happen. You know why? Cause I am going to make it happen.

And i dont give a fuck about having a gold or platinum album or even a real album that someone could buy. That really isn't what I am after. What I want to do is to play my songs live for people. I want to see their reaction. I want to watch bitches dancing to songs that I wrote. I want to see 200 tits from 100 women when I play Flash Me! That would be the best day ever!

Coming soon to a world near you....


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I think both you and /u/TheBuddha seem awesome:)

If for no reason else for keeping a corner of Voat about things we actually like other than what we despise. I fucking love those articles and our banters about them. And I have a mental image of Verle whom I've never meet snoring on the floor:P Good stuff guys:)


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@crazy_eyes is a motherfucking inspiration!

I really, really think it'd be awesome to have a 'guitar goat gathering.' I'd absolutely host it at my house - including facilitating accommodations. If it's good weather, I'll even set up the stage.

The nearest neighbors will hear it - but they'll just come visit.

My only concern is that you'd all terrorize the village people. I can't really have a 'free speech rally' at my house and still maintain my same level of social credit. (I pay far more attention to my social credit than I do to my financial credit. I have money. I make plenty more. I only have so much social credit and making more is very difficult.)

I can't really have a Nazi rally. That's just not gonna be a good thing. That's not going to go over well. I'm pretty sure the village people will, mostly, understand. Mostly... I'm pretty sure they'll be okay with it, but if I bring you goats into the village - I'm going to have to answer a lot of questions, over a period of months.

It took me years for the village people to accept me and legitimately like me. (I did not always help that process and made some grave judgment errors along the way.)

I came in with a bunch of money, built a big house, and got shitfaced. I'm a long-hair that was truly from the urban environments. I used to do things like stop in at the local watering hole and get a bunch of us shitfaced - us including random people in the bar, sometimes even tourists. I'd then tear around, driving shitfaced, and do things like donuts - in the middle of the village and at closing time.

I also hit on a lot of old church ladies, 'cause that amuses me.

They've adjusted. I've adjusted. We're all great friends, except for a few I don't care for. When you get closer to my house (I'm a ways away from the village) then it's even more tight-knit and we're pretty keen on treating each other much like we'd treat family that we actually like.

But, we've found a point where they can be happy and I can be happy. We all get along great. I'm well respected and they know that I don't just want to throw money around - but I'll go there and physically help clean up after someone's house fire, instead of just putting a few dollars into the jar at the local corner store. I'll go get dirty. I'll load up my tractor and haul it down there. I'll invite the whole crew out to my house first and make them breakfast.

That's kind of what it took for me to be accepted here - as it's a very tight community and really, really rural. (If you don't know, I'm outside of Rangeley, Maine.)


I'd love to have a 'Guitar Goat Gathering.' I'd love to toss up video of this. I'd love to have the guitar goats come and spend a weekend. In fact, I'd much prefer it if they came in during the week, so that we could rehearse and put on a show for the weekend. I'm 100% positive that people would even show up for this. They'll even bring food, booze, and their family.


You know... I avoid the political discussion, the vast majority of time - and almost always while in this sub... But... You're all pretty much hateful, racist, angry people who say shit like how you literally support Hitler.

When I say, "you" I don't mean you specifically, but you as in the average goat, sometimes called 'the royal you.' I have no idea what your political views are, nor do I know your position on racial differences. Nor do I care.

In fact, that's me thanking you. Yes, I'm glad that I don't know your politics or opinions on matters of race.

I'm quite grateful that you're aware enough to understand that that's for other subs - and Voat has plenty of subs for it.

I have never deleted a post and I'd really like to keep it that way. I'm willing to, but it'd make me all sorts of sad. I'm not sure that I'd ever delete a post, but I'm really grateful that I've not been placed into a position where I felt I had to.

So, thank you. Seriously... I do appreciate that and, like you said, this is about what we like and not about what we despise - usually. I do have some pretty strong opinions about certain guitar/music subjects! LOL

Really... I'm very serious. Thank you.


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Well thank you C_Corax

Its almost as fun listening to our adventures as it is having them


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"Fuck you. I'm a rock star!"

I told ya that it'd be a flattering article!


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Hell Yeah!