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I, for one, am glad I dont have to slaughter an animal when i need strings. I would need a lot of animals

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I have tons of entrails available.

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Nylon is an acquired taste. It's more mellow and softer. I always preferred regular, not flat, wound metal for the extra "twang" they provide.

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I'm not terribly picky. Wind my bass three well and just make 'em consistent across the fretboard. I much prefer nylon. I've got all sorts of ways to amplify stuff.

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Is the article trying to imply that wound strings didn't exist prior to WWII?

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No. In fact, I mention metal strings existed prior. WWII meant less metal and that's why the dude tried nylon.

They've been made from all sorts of materials and have a much longer history than I got into.

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he had to figure out how to wrap three of ’em with just a little wire, and he did.

He then approached DuPont to make ’em. They pretty much said, “That’s retarded.”

It kind of seemed that way.