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Just a minor addition to your post. Production runs were a lot shorter in the old days and that all things considered made it feasible to store the wood longer, and thus letting it settle in more before even considering carving it out. Plus those were the days we were busy chopping down rain forests, so there ought to have been more wood to pick from. But yeah, the luthier still needed to match the right pieces. Some were a lot better at it than others and there is some merit to claiming certain years were the best with some manufactures. The price inflation from those years still being completely bullshit of course.

Also you are spot on with the quality of today's guitars. Especially in the mid ranges. It's ridiculous how many fine guitars you have to chose from with a budget in the $500-1000 range.

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Absolutely - some guitars will sound better with age. Some... How much and what happens to the guitar in the real world is also important.

And, we've got some really good data on the behavior of wood in varied conditions and they (may) do all sorts of quality control checks measurements that they simply could not do in the past. Some of the guitar companies are exceptionally good at this - I praise Martin as an example. Others? Not so much...

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Sacrilegious opinion to some perhaps, but if Gibson and Epiphone swapped CEO's..

I mean quality control aside Epiphone has been on point with the market in recent years, while Gibson has made some mindboggling decisions!?! The reverse V(I'm a V guy so I take extra insult with that one!), the V's and Explorer's with holes in them, and then lately those LP's where they kind of forgot to paint the bottom.. I have no idea who any of these guitars are marketed for?

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Also the finish they used back in the day dried hard, but it crazed and chipped easily. Now they use some resin stuff that's more durable, but it dampens the vibrations like it was coated with rubber.