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Well, I guess this solves the "What do I get EH for 1st guitar?" conundrum.

Obviously a First Act one from Target!!

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LOL Not a chance in hell!

I can make a First Act guitar sound pleasing - maybe. I'm not sure she could. Give her a few more years and she'll be able to - but I kinda doubt she'll ever play one.

Ugh.... I have to get her present ordered soon. Her birthday is at the end of the month and a young lady only turns 16 once.

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What was YOUR first "real guitar"? DO you still have it? If so, is it passable? Might be cool to get it all cleaned up/fixed up and hand that over to her.

Just thinking back - I would have more of a connection if it were a personal gift with history to you, rather than a purchased one. Just my opinion.