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This is a more recent thing I wrote: https://soundcloud.com/thewilake/you-were-mine

Everyone wants the vocals. I posted, but adding here: I'm HORRIFIC, and if you don't like it eat my tiny dick!


I love the ring of the higher notes together in the "chorus" part. I actually have lyrics to this, and tried singing a bit but had to bleach my ears after hearing it. The plan is for a longer song, more layering, and a bridge I need to write. The end is a rip off of then end of Smashing Pumpkins - La Dolly Vita and I want the fury of those drums and a blazing feedback solo.


There was a time

that I could say you're mine

I'd say that you're mine

and be there all the time

we said goodbye

<chord change>

you said it on the line

it's all a crime

I don't deny

once you were mine

and I paid it all the time

like fruit on the vine

it's was all a lie

I said that you lied

<chord change>

but it's your disguise

you fake all your life

you play it all the time

stop pretending you're shy

don't give me those eyes

I saw your heart cry

yet you stepped aside

as we said goodbye

<chord change>

there were tears in my eyes

I spent my whole life

now I'm waiting inside

Waiting inside

'till you are mine

Wishing inside

that you were mine

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Do you do original music exclusively?

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Honestly, why did you ask me this? it's kind of an obscure question, and I'm curious. NO bad thoughts at all, I'm just thinking into it probably deeper than I should. Fuck it, just ignore this unless there is some hidden thing I don't know about or understand.

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Pretty much yeah. I used to get GFTPM, and the other mags, and learned a bunch of stuff in the early 90's, but I'd say 1996 or so I stopped bothering to learn other peoples songs.

The guitar is a voice, and it is a way to express emotion, and that's been my muse since then. I go on and off. I didn't play for like 5 years once, then will go on a tear. I've mostly been afraid of, and don't care about lyrics. The sound and feel of the song is what I adore. Over time I've learned about the great song writers, and know about a hook, bridge, lyrics, syncopation, and all that in a vague sense.

Mostly I'm chasing that dream of writing something beautiful and meaningful. If it doesn't come from me then why play it? There's a million guys that play a cover tune much better than me. Why should I bother to compete with them? I don't have the time in life to become a virtuoso on the guitar. I do have the casual time to write a riff that may become a verse, that may become a song, than may be something people want to listen to.

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That was nice. I'd love to hear it put together with the vocal track!

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That was great and a wonderful feel to it! The lyrics are really good too.

Can’t wait to hear it develop this is rather exciting. :)

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Thank you. I really appreciate people enjoying what I've written.

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Nice! It would be cool to hear it put together with the lyrics, too.

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DRUNK DAVE delivers! I'll post the rough cut now!

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It's that time again and I'm kinda tired but I'll get you started, like I often do.

Today, we have a mystery. That's right, it's a mystery.

There are two people playing. One is myself, the other is the eldest hoodlum.

I want you to guess the song AND guess if she was playing the electric or the acoustic - which part did she play?

Also, name the tune...


That's right... It's a mystery...

I have a fuckton to say tonight, but I'm pretty tired. We will see...

I have a show this weekend. It's not until Sunday. It's the last show at a fair this year - for us. It is opening a fair, however. We're expecting good attendance and I'll probably write something about it for the site. There's also quite a big update with regards to EH, but I'm really not sure I wanna type all that tonight. We will see.

Now, play us a damned song! Really, I don't even care if you play us a bitchin' kazoo solo. Shit, if you want to play harmonica - all ya really got to do is make it up as you go along and get a variety of harmonicas that are in different keys. They're a few bucks at your local music store!

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Marcy Playground - Sex and Candy. knew it from the 3rd bar.

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I think she did very well. I admit my bias.

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I say the hoodlum played the electric because you wanted the hoodlum to learn that little pluck-off move. The rhythm strumming sounds more like something you'd do. There's a bit of improvisation in the variations in it.

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I recognize the riff, but alas, I'm so out of touch with popular music that I can't name the tune!

I'm calling EH on the electric... If that is her on the acoustic, then hats off to her for developing years of finesse in months..

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She's on the electric, correct and good ear.

I'm gonna let people guess the tune for a while longer!

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Eh it’s on the tip of my tongue... you are so good together. What a great share! Grrr, but the name of the tune still escapes me... lol

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You know the song!

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Hello everyone. I had some new stuff of me and Chris to share with you all tonight. But I been kidnapped. I didn't even get them uploaded. Not that I'm complaining. So I'm gonna just leave you with these songs from Chris back when we first started recording our playing.


There's about a half hour on there. You don't have to listen to them all if you don't want to. Though it gets better as we go. The last song is the best.

Have a good weekend!

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Reckless Kind totally has hit potential! Love the lyrics! I WISH I could write lyrics like that. You have a real hook there about trouble, and tellin' mamma!

I'm listening to the rest and will comment as I go along.

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Those songs are already hits by someone. These were the first songs Chris and I learned to play together. I'm not sure who wrote that one but it wasn't us! Glad you're enjoying it though. This set goes good with a beer

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I kinda figured you'd scampered off, given that you'd not replied yet!

Have a safe weekend and bring us back a story!

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Thanks man. You too!

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Damn dude you guys would love Sister Morphine by the Rolling Stones, it's got that slow pace like these songs. All depressing too.

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I'm not familiar with that one by the stones. I'll have to check it out. Chris loves the slow depressing music

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Dude. This was really nice. I realized I was just sitting here for quite some time sipping the Uisce Beatha and chilling to your music. I really like this.

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Thanks MrHarry! That is a good one to put on and relax to, I've done it myself many times.

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This week's track is 'John Barleycorn Must Die!'. It was originally taken from a 15th century Scottish manuscript and put to music by Robert Burns in 1782. It was later anglicized and re-written to erase any Pagan imagery. Many of these lyrics have been reverted back to the original, as nobody as the right to erase the history of a people. In the anglicized version, the three kings look to the west, as the east was symbolic of sun worship.

This is the first piece I've recorded with my new Muramatsu flute. It took me a long time to pull the trigger and finally buy a professional flute, but I feel like it was worth it. I've been working with a beat up student flute for years. This was an especially tough piece to put together in any semblance of presentable, and the bass was a real bitch to fit into the mix.

Without further ado, John Barleycorn Must Die!

Is it a murder ballad, or a drinking song? You decide!

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I've always liked Steve Winwood's version, but you've taken it back more faithfully to its roots. Your new flute sounds great, and played very well. I think I prefer your version a little better.

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Thank you! I love Winwood's version. It was one of the ones I listened to when I was doing this arrangement. I was very impressed by his just a guy and a guitar approach to it.

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Why not both?!?

I'm not sure I've ever heard that one before.

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Traffic released this on the album John Barleycorn Must Die. Pretty sure I have that CD somewhere upstairs in a closet.

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Rabbie Burns!

Very nice, loved it!

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Thanky!! Looking forward to hearing your contribution tomorrow!

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Ol' Buddha's going to crawl into a couch with a tablet - or possibly fall asleep soon. I'm fucking exhausted!

But, I wanted to point out that the first guitar thread was on 8/20/2017 - we've been at this, more or less, for as long as a year - though they'd not become weekly things for a few more months.

So much has changed and it's great that we've all kinda made this thread our home on Friday nights.

I want to thank you all for your wonderful contributions. Without you, the thread would be pretty boring - and just be titled Listen to TheBuddha Play Guitar. That's no fun. Music is best when shared.

For you players who don't contribute - please feel encouraged to do so.

For the rest of you, be sure to thank the individual contributors who worked to bring you their music. It is work - it's a lot of work. The number of hours they've put into making these for you are pretty much uncountable. They've spent good portions of their lives devoted to understanding and mastering their instruments.

And, they do it for much the same reasons we all do it. We're passionate about it.

We kind of have to be. Otherwise, this would be a horrible waste of time! So, we do it. Be sure to thank 'em and give them a round of applause for having the courage to share and the willingness to labor.

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Hey, thanks for having this.

Missed you guys these past few weeks - work has me out in California, and not getting home until after midnight usually on Fridays.

Got to take an early flight and get a whole week home. Look forward to being here next week, and hopefully post my shitty strummings. 5 weeks with only a few hours on Saturday practice and even a babe novice like me gets rusty - which is actually a good sign, right? That I have actually progressed some so that I CAN actually go backwards!

Anyways, thanks to you all!

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Excellent! I will be here!

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People asked for me singing my song: https://soundcloud.com/thewilake/you-were-mine-vocals-eek

Yeah I'm that tone deaf, and horrible.

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does it smell like Sex in here?

You guitar bastards always get all the poon. But if ya try any drugs stay away from Candy.

This was a fun game. Kinda made Voat into a playground.

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Don't mind me, I'm just hangin' round, downtown by myself...

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That riff reminds of Ventura Highway by America. I thought she was doing her strum/stop thing on the acoustic. I coulda swore that was her. What do I know. I love those slow burn depressing type chord progressions. Good stuff.

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Yeah, we mixed it up a bit. I figured it was a song she could take the lead on.

She impresses me. She said she was going to do this - and she has.

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