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You know. I pretty much feel like Joe and I are pretty much the same. He reminds me a lot of me in that song life's been good.

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I fucking love Joe Walsh. He's like my hero.

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Thanks, Buddha, for another great article. Fwiw, my lady friend and I were at a lounge in Seattle back in the early '90s to see Warren Zevon perform (for whatever reason, he didn't have a drummer that night) and I overheard a couple of employees discussing where they were going to seat "Mr Walsh". Boy, did my ears perk up! In my formative years with my teenage rockin' combo, I had learned to play Walk Away, Rocky Mountain Way, Woman, Funk #49. Was he really coming here? They decided to seat him at the booth right next to mine, so I waited impatiently to see if what I imagined would actually happen. Sure enough, Joe friggin' Walsh ended up sitting right behind me. I got the opportunity to shake his hand and thank him for the awesome tunes. And I still have his autograph on the back of my Warren Zevon ticket stub. Zevon asked him to come onstage, and they played a WZ song, as well as a JW song...forgive me for not remembering what songs they were...

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You're welcome, and you're too kind.

I appreciate the story and I'll reciprocate to share that I'm a huge Zevon fan and have seen him in concert - many times. What I really liked is that it was ordinarily small venues where I was able to see him. His story is fucking awesome and he is sorely missed. He used to play the Sugarloaf summit lounge, right near where I live - but before I lived here. It's a ski slope and it maybe held 200 people back then. They expanded it and he refused to ever play there again because it changed the intimacy of the show and the acoustics.

Anyhow, I don't really get star struck anymore. I've met some pretty interesting people, However, I don't want to try to overshadow your story about meeting Joe Walsh.

That's actually pretty fucking awesome and it seems untoward to respond to such a great story with name dropping.

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You gonna join us in tonight's guitar thread? You're absolutely welcome! We have a pretty good time, pretty much every time we do it!

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I really love what you do on Fridays but I've been having some health problems over the last few weeks, so I haven't really felt like contributing. Tonight I have a different excuse though. I have a date. I always check in sometime over the weekend and give it all a listen though.

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I could make a list of guitarists better than Hendrix but it would be larger than the physicians desk reference.

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LOL I have a stupid and pointless plugin that I found - and it gives me a backend count of the number of words I've published and shit like that.

I've published nearly 200,000 words (a novel is somewhere around 70,000) and many of those words have been devoted to guitarists better than Hendrix.

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Well there you go. I don't know exactly how many pages are in the Physicians Desk Reference but you're well on your way to being there.