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That's fucking funny

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I hear there's some hardcore pioneer science going on with figuring out what dimension picks are transferred to when you drop them on the floor. I don't want to bring your hopes up but it has even been suggested, only on a theoretic basis of course, that you can even bring them back to our reality!

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whatever dimension it is they rattle in there

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Textured grips on picks. That is all.

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I'm actually quite fond of the Harley Benton picks that I randomly tossed into my last Thomann shipment. Cheap doesn't necessarily mean bad.

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I have long since stopped caring, so long as the thickness is what I am looking for for the task at hand and they have a textured surface of some type.

I no longer have a favorite style of pick. Every time I get a new favorite style, they stop producing them. If I find one I like, I look online and buy them in bulk. Picks are disposable and I give them away. Technically, I give them away more than I give away candy, so I can't really say I give them away like candy.

I've long since adapted to the idea that picks are disposable/consumable goods. This is largely because I couldn't actually keep track of them, by the way.

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You have to take the cover off your desktop so you can see the fans spinning. Shake the guitar over that stuff and Murphy's Law will guarantee it'll come right out in the first couple of shakes.

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In comparison, changing strings with the cat around suddenly sound like a good idea..

It's dead btw.

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Lol, great post.

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It's a semi shit post, but I figured a few of you might have a giggle over it:)

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Semi-shit posts are my manna.