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Awesome work! I won’t let it get out lest that spoil your reputation.

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LOL Shh! I don't want people to actually have high expectations!

I figured this was so far out of my wheelhouse that I'd be better off finding an actual expert. The two instruments are only similar, they're definitely not the same.

I ain't scared. I went out and found the world's best expert, and bugged 'em - and then I asked 'em a bunch of silly questions!

I'm still amazed they answered. I linked 'em to my site. I know they can read. We had a fancy guest!

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Note: This is the result from @VoatIsForTimmy's post here:


The majority of discussion took place here:


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That article was insanely interesting!

Emerald makes a wicked harp guitar. My next gigging acoustic is going to be an Emerald. First, I have to recover from this week's flute purchase. :)

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We had a pretty fancy guest!

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That is an interesting thing. I'm thinking the guy that first built one of those just could not find a suitable bass player anywhere so he said fuck it and built a bass into his guitar and just played them both at once

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The guest that we had today probably knows that information and probably has it on his site - I haven't read their giant pages about the history yet. I probably will. That seems like something I'll do.

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I didn't see anything about that in there. I did find this in the introduction

"This is not a history of the “harp guitar” – something no one has yet attempted (including me) – but the first serious organological approach to these instruments."

So it may not be there yet