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He's a great guitarist but I never could get into Dream Theatre. There's something about it that just annoys me. Its almost hipster-like to me. I never understood the appeal. I guess we're all different and like what we like, and there's no denying their success. Honestly, there were many guitarists just like John around before he came out.

Great write-up, as usual

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Sums up almost exactly how I feel. I can respect their technical abilities - because all of them obviously have them - but a lot of their music comes off as technical for the sake of technicality, rather than anything else. Like a buncha nerds from Music Theory 451 started a band together.

Also LaBrie's singing voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

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Exactly. I can sit down and write and record some of the most complicated shit ever but it would be fake and devoid of feeling. Its robot-like. Playing technical music doesn't make a great guitarist. It just doesn't. I'd take SRV over John any day of the week because SRV fucking meant it.

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Oh, I can see not liking the music, but his skill is just so impressive - as is his discipline.

I do wish I liked his music more. I sometimes noodle around with his tab and play him for my own enjoyment. It's fun to think about how he might have come up with the composition. I also love his teaching. He's a very good teacher and I very much suggest folks watch the last linked video, even if they've seen it 100 times already.

I usually hate guitar teaching DVDs, but I like this one.

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One of these weeks you should do Al Di Meola, he certainly deserves a spot on ths list.

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He's sorta on my list - but I keep forgetting him. My suggestion is use the contact me link in the upper right - as that will keep a copy of the many requests all in one location.

I'm not that organized. ;-) Having them in one spot makes 'em more likely to be included.

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Wow, thanks for that. He is truly one to be noticed. No flash just awesome talent, and using the word "awesome" is used in an entirely proper context and not a valley-girl way. And in the first video John Myung is almost as astonishing. It is a rare treat to see a bassist play such complex patterns, and live to boot. Like you stated, it's not something I would listen to every day, more like a fine liqueur to be savored on occasion.

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I'm glad you enjoyed it and it was a special treat for me to write about him because he's so unknown and overlooked. I had a great time writing that one and it ended up being longer than most, but I think it's worth it.

It's a great joy to see a master guitarist playing stuff so complicated that they are forced to actually concentrate on what their hands are doing. The skill involved is just awe inspiring and the amount of talent on the stage is impressive. I am truly impressed with his discipline and dedication to practice. It really shows in his performances.

I can't stress how much I value practice enough. However, he embodies the reasons why I am such a stickler for it. You don't get that good without the discipline to practice unbelievable amounts. He's absolutely one of my favorite guitarists.

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Guitar goats may be interested in the video that's the 'one for the road' video. It's well worth watching.