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I'd pay good money for a chance to kick Yngwie Malmsteen's ass.

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It'd suck if he ended up kicking your ass. ;-)

He is a guitar god. Liking him hasn't anything to do with it. It's not a list of guitarists I like - really. It's a list of guitarists who are astonishingly adept with their instrument.

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I'd make every attempt to break one or both of his hands so I don't have to hear his bullshit anymore.

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Yeah, I never got into Jeff Beck at all. I think he might have had a couple songs with Rod Stewart that are ok. Nothing special. He's kind of like Alan Holdsworth where I keep hearing people say he is great guitar player but I just don't hear it

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Oh, he's a fantastic player. He really is. I gave some great examples and the last ones are probably the best examples, though they are actually less technical than the first examples.

The thing is, I can relate with where you're coming from. I really can. I am not actually a big Beck fan. I don't really like most of his music. I don't hate it, but it's not something I seek out and load onto playlists. Not at all.

But, the list isn't about what I like. It's about things like technical skill and composition. It's about theory, innovation, and consistency in technical merit. It's isn't a list of guitarists that I like, it's a list of guitarists who have those qualities more so than Hendrix had.

And, really, he's fucking mind blowing. The things he puts together. Read some Beck tab and try to recreate it. Try to get the sounds he gets. He's a Strat man, so you've already got some Strat copies. Give it a shot and you'll see.

If you want, I'll dig you out some Beck tab - if you can't find any. He's up there with next week's guitarist. I almost switched the two, but I wanted to write about Beck because I knew @cynicaloldfart would probably enjoy the rabbit hole that is Beck's musical career. So, I wrote that one this week. I could have easily justified putting him in 11th place.

And, yeah, Beck has played with everyone. There's a reason for that. He's played with everyone because he's that good and he's that versatile.

If you don't believe me, watch the live videos that I linked. You'll see. He makes it look so simple, too.

And he really isn't one of my favorites. He's just that fucking good.

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I understand that he's that good. Sometimes it's better to be melodic than mind blowing, sometimes the opposite

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Great post! I think he should be much higher on the list though. I listened to him all the time in the 70-80s.

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LOL There's only so many slots - but, really, at this level of talent, they're easily swapped around. If you wanted to put him in 5th place (which is where the pack of idiots at Rolling Stone put him) then that'd be fine. I could see him in Slash's spot, without much complaint. I'm not sure how much higher I'd be able to rate him.

The thing is, I don't really like most of his studio work. I don't. I really don't.

But, he's undeniably one of the greatest guitarists to walk the face of the earth. My like or dislike hasn't anything to do with it.

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I really like most of his work. Not all of it. Some of it is a little weird. But the majority I like. I'd put him up their with the Swede.

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Its missing Buckethead, but i forgive your lack of vision. The most important thing is to never read anything "Rolling stone magazine" writes as a list of greatest "x". They must be killed.

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He will be on the list!

And, the whole exercise was prompted by RS listing Hendrix as the greatest guitarist and guitarist of the century. Horrible!

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Here's the complete list to date:


I'd like to ping @cynicaloldfart who's been referenced in this one. There's also some meat in there for him to chew upon, though it's quite a rabbit hole. The spider web is vast, in this case.