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LOL That's one of my favorite moments in music and I referenced that when I put Slash on the list of greatest guitarists.

Trivia: If you watch the whole video, the camera will pan the audience and there's a smiling face on the left, several rows back. ;-)

(It was well worth the trip, though I wasn't aware that they'd be putting it on BBC when I got the tickets.)

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did.... did you just... doxx yourself?

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A goodly part of Voat knows my name, address (well enough), and more.

I ain't scared. ;-)

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Fuck it.

I think that BB King was probably the most gregarious performer of all time and that this is one of the most touching moments in the vast history of music.

So, I'm going to sticky this for a few days.

By the way, that whole concert was awesome. You can see Tedeschi, Trucks, King, etc... I highly, highly recommend watching the entire concert. It's available and I'll absolutely dig it out if anyone wants to watch it. If YouTube takes it down, I ordered the DVD as a way to remember it.

And, as @i_scream_trucks noted, I'm in there and not the least bit worried about being doxxed. The show was that awesome and I've known Susan since she was a coffee shop girl and I've met her husband (Trucks). We last bumped into each other at a mutual friend's wedding and I've even played with Susan.

I've never played with Derek. I'd like to, and probably could figure out how to, but that's never presented itself. If prodded, I'll probably tell you all about Susan! She's my coffee shop girl.

(The performing musician circle is smaller than most people from the outside seem to think.)

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Tis ok dude, im not gonna come after you.

Id be wrapt if i could say to people 'Thats me in the background'

I will give you a tip tho....

From 2005 to 2008 i could be quite regularly seen on TV broadcasts of AFL matches from the MCG, although 9/10 if the ball came in the direction of myself or one of my 5 direct colleagues the cameras would almost always cut away to something else.

Quarter and three quarter time we would walk to the center with the umpires. Half time, two of us, in complete gear inc radios jackets wallets, everything for work, would sprint into the middle of the ground with the umpires who would pick up their flags and notebook.... and gayly prance to the middle.

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I'm obligated to say, "Go Blues!"

I've been a quasi-public figure for most of my adult life. I don't give two shits if they dox me. I'm retired and financially secure. I don't say anything that can be held against me, really. I talk about guitar, math, and science. I also call people idiots. That's pretty much what I do, and I sometimes type novellas about my experience in hopes that others can learn from them or to give them a reason to smile.

If they don't like it, they can suck my dick. Fuck 'em! ;-)

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At 2:27-2:29 you can see him ask for it.