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So on the ES the center is solid but the upper and lower half's have Chambers?

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Pretty much. There's some variation throughout the years but they are pretty much like that. I'm tucked into my tablet, so I can't link to the image directly. It's an iPad, it sucks for that sort of thing.


Have a peek at that. That should make your day! It's pretty awesome.

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One day I will get me one of them Gibson Les Paul guitars. I remember back when I was first learning to play a guy down the road had a black silver burst Les Paul and it was awesome

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I didn't have much time. I wrote this out yesterday and was going to add to it, but I don't have much time. So, you get this. It's a bit of a lesson, so to speak.

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Yeah, I get it. I've been a dumbass bassist for 40+ years and never thought of the GLP as a semi hollow, always as a solid body. I play a '61 Jazz and it's heavy, but it's big. The GLP's I've handled struck me as something I'd not want to wear for five sets, considering the easy alternatives. But then again, I'm a knuckle dragger. I do know they sustain like a mofo.

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Yeah, the sustain on the GLP is legendary. The maple top really adds to it.

But, the semi-hollow body is such a sweet tone. You'll still get sustain long enough to sound like Slash but you'll have the richness to flip a few knobs and pretend you're BB King. I think he often used the 335, but I'm exceptionally drunk. Like, very drunk.

As for the weight, I love it. I love the weight of the solid body models. They're solid and they take so much abuse. You get used to it. I'd be surprised if it was more than 15% heavier than the P bass, that I'm sure you're all too familiar with. It also is very well balanced. Like I said, you get used to it.

And, it could be worse. You could be the drummer!