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Good Evening y'all :)

I have a had a crazy week so I thought I would share a song I wrote a while back. A friend of mine about 3 years ago said he would help record some of my originals and one afternoon we just plugged in and recorded at the local church.

This is one take, you can tell this as I messed up the words and normally pick this piece in the beginning, but oh well. He did some editing at the time but it is far from perfect.

I just cannot come here empty handed so I here we go...

Wait by Nadesh

I also looked into getting an interface and the one I want is around the 700$ mark so I have to continue recording with my birds in the back round for now as it's a bit too steep for me at the moment and I have other things financially that I am focused on at the moment. So all in good time.

Enjoy you awesome goats you!

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Like a fine vintage, each song you post allows me to savor the subtleties and nuances a little more. For a time I was trying to think who you remind me of, but have decided it's no one, you are a unique talent. You need no comparison. Such a beautiful voice.

But once again I must implore you, record at a higher level. You did it on one song and it was great. I want to hear each note and expression but you're always so soft in volume. You deserve to have your talent heard.

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You’re words are so touching and wonderfully kind. Geez you are so dear to us all here, this place would not be the same without you. Thank you Sir, I am trying to get my head and finances around how to do this better, just running out time as I juggle so many balls in life. Every week I surprise myself to be able to get something here, I am just glad it means something to someone and brings, I don’t know, whatever it is, hopefully something good can come out of it.

Thank you again for your kind words and wonderful support and encouragement here to the whole sub, very much appreciated!

Have a wonderful nights sleep!

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Awesome job. It just gets better and better with you.

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You are just ubber kind when it comes to me... ;p

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Love this! Very nice song!

Which interface are you looking at? You're getting into some lofty territory at that price range..

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Thank you so much :D

Well clearly I don't know much about much when it comes to recording, I would very much like to connect at least two guitars and a piano and two mic's to run through my pc. I am sure I can get it for about 500$ but first thing is I need to get Audacity to recognize my MIDI piano or start using something else...

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"Comes crashing down and breaks my bones?"

Did I hear that properly? It's neat - I like it.

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Lolol... breaks my fall... hehe.... I love that you like it...

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Woohoo! I've been waiting all day for this! I've got a couple of things for today, both original tunes. Since a few folks liked the tune I wrote a few years back, I'll post another from that series. This song is about the effect we have on the people around us as we go through our daily lives.

Positive Waves

The second tune is one I recently finished writing for the band. We do a few pirate tunes, and this one tells the story of Bartholomew Roberts, aka Black Bart. He was the most successful pirate ever in terms of loot and captures ships. 'The Dread Pirate Roberts' from 'The Princess Bride' was basically him. He was third mate on a ship called the Princess when he was captured by the pirate captain Davis and enslaved. Davis took a liking to him, and taught him everything he knew. When Davis died, he took over as captain.

Captain Roberts

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Great job as always. Positive Waves reminds me of Dire Straits.

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Thank you!!

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I always love a song with a good message and a good story. The positive waves is my way of life. I really liked that one. As for the pirate one, I like the story and the music, but you just sound way too nice to be a pirate. Even though I have never actually met a pirate, I imagine their voice to be gruff and with a surly attitude. I did enjoy listening to them both. Thanks for sharing them. Like you said, I look forward to this thread too, to both listen and share

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Damn dude you're a pro.

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Thanks man! Very kind of you to say!

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Positive Waves is a beautiful song, the sounds you create are always so soothing and easy listening. It’s music one could get lost in just daydreaming away. Actually that’s exactly what I did, I drifted into that dreamy beautiful place. This is so good.

Captain Roberts, so clear and the lilt in your voice is just perfect for it. The drums the flute nice sounds once again :)

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Thank you so much, @Nadesh!

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My friend Chistopher was over this past week and he wasn't drunk as can be when he got here, which is unusual since he started dating that girl with a drinking problem and extra money. So we recorded a couple of songs somewhat sober for a change of pace. Since the vodka was being started to be enjoyed we started off with a drinking song, Margaritaville

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Nice. Its that time of year

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LOL That's kind of a go-to when I'm pretty tipsy and need to entertain.

The thing is, it's easier to just use a bowl of salt, wet the glass with tequila, and then dip it in the bowl of salt! You don't lose the shaker that way. (I used to be a pretty big fan of margaritas.)

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We play this whenever there are people listening to us and everybody loves that song, everybody knows the words. So it's always fun to do it

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This is a cool song, the sound is good. Chris sounds like he is reflective when sober, it’s good and I really enjoyed this song!

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He goes from quiet introvert to talkative jokester when he goes from sober to drunk.

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Nice! You guys have a totally different vibe when there's less hooch... Have you thought of a band name yet??

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Yeah, the booze comes through big time. No we haven't thought of anything yet. I did mention it to him, but we haven't even tried yet

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I just want to thank everyone here. I love hearing what you guys and gals do! I know a lot of people are here lurking and listening. Thanks to you too. I'll share another original. This one was a country demo. I tried to make my guitar sound like a steel guitar in a couple of places. I didn't pro record it. It is what it is. I do these demo's so I don't forget the song or ideas I have at the time. It has no name: @Crazy_Eyes this has a little bit of a Jimmy Buffet feel https://vocaroo.com/i/s1RZX22Ey2ye

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Quick short story, I used to split some time and fill in with a country band (mostly playing 80s and 90s country) and I called it "Goat Roping Music." This was long before Voat was even a thought to anyone, of course. I think I last played with them around 1994.

How prophetic!

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I was in two country bands in my down time. I didn't mind it. It was some rowdy gigs, for sure.

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HAHA, this is class A, where are you Mister @heygeorge read the above comment, you too @puttsmom this is pure gold!

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Oh wow, that was sooo relaxing and lovely! I got lost in it a bit as my mind traveled over the shores of time and place.

Very touching and this exact moment of listening was perfect in timing to what I am experiencing in real life. Thank you!

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Holy cow thanks! What a nice comment from you.

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I'd like to second the thanking of everyone. This is such a great thing to have every week. I love that we all find the time to listen and share and comment on each other's music every week. It is really a treat to be involved

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I like the little guitars style picking or more like plucking in there. The steel guitar parts feels like they are a steel guitar. I dig it. There's a lot of words you could say over that. It totally does have a Jimmy buffet vibe going on there. Awesome job man! I dig it

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Speaking of the 80's....ITS 5150 TIME!!!! This is me playing to a sucky backing track. This is the 5150: Live Without A Net version. I did add some synth to it


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Rawk out, why don’t ya!!!! Man this is cool...

@gabara @Expertshitposter @DependasaurusRex listen to this rawking tune man...

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Oh, hot damn. Brings me back to Van Halen, Sammy, and Night Ranger! Love it!

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Thanks, girl. I thought you went to bed? heh heh

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Very nice! You definitely rock the 80's well!

Van Halen was the first concert I ever attended. It was way back in 1983, with David Lee Roth.

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Thanks. You lucky dog. I wish I had a time machine

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Van Halen with Dave was the first concert I ever saw too, 1982, diver down tour!

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From about 4:00 to 5:15, you're in your glory - aren't you? ;-) (Going through it a second time.)

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That's the way he did it in LWAN. I haven't played it for a long time and am rusty, if anything. I like how my backing vocal synth sounds, though

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Their mother is working tonight - so I have two hoodlums again. The eldest stuck her head in and asked what I was listening to (she knows I do these threads) and I said, "Old people music." She said, "It sounds pretty cool."

Be on your best behavior - she's now watching.

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Old people?? but....damn......oh hell she's right heh

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And, once again, I'll get you started. This needs to come with a story!

@cheeseboogersghost is stuck in the 80s. I, on the other hand, think the 80s were horrible! (Well, mostly horrible.)

So, I gave myself TWO HOURS to write and record a song.

This is called The Quintessential 80s Song (Mark III). The first two versions sucked ass. But, the third one (still in that two hour time frame, by the way) is my rendition of a generic song from, say, 1986.

I pretty much used all the editing tricks I know! All in two hours!

(Yes, this song is totally a cliche. It's meant to be a cliche.)

Here you go, 'booger. This one is just for you!


(I made 'em wait all the way until tonight to hear it, too!)

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I shall lurk while making dinner.

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I already ate.

I'm now getting into the wine. @zyklon_b made me do it.

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Woooooooo! This is so good and great to listen to... got to get a singer... what an amazing share!!!!!

Just got the kids to bed so able to just sit, rawk out and listen on my head phones and absolutely LOVING IT!!!!

You are so talented and this was excellent!!!!!

:D I like the 80’s too, hehe...

Wonder if @cynicaloldfart @peaceseeker @kevdude @rotteuxx has heard this cool tune you created and played in under TWO HOURS!!!

Just wow man...

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Thanks for reminding me to check this thread out. I'll be back later when I have access to my laptop to enjoy the raw talent of the likes of Buddha (and of course Nadesh's beautiful voice)

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LOL Glad you enjoyed it. It was entirely a cliche meant to show how bad the 80s music really was. I wrote down a few things but never actually wrote any music. I figured out the melody that I would start with and then just kind of went from there. I did it in a different order than most of my recordings, starting with rhythm guitar first.

It's a TheBuddha Original. ;-)

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Nice! Is that you on the synth, too? Very, very cool! Very 80's!!

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Just a keyboard, with the synth voicing. All me! All in two hours! LOL

The 80s were horrible!

I thought about adding some sappy love sing lyrics. I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

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Very quintessential.

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Very 80s. So 80s.

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Good evening gentlemen, Noticed a few country tracks tonight so thought this little track I am working on tonight would suit the thread. I am re-recording the harmonic tonight and the mix is a mess so ill let you have a listen to a private link from a month ago when the mix was sounding better. Hope you like. Was going for the mick jagger/Rolling Stones/let it bleed sound. Just had a lot of fun with this track. https://soundcloud.com/odiesmith/smoking-blues-260318/s-DdlaW?in=odiesmith/sets/private-link/s-cWrZb

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Awesome dude.

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You have a good voice, man. I dig this.

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Thanks man, I appreciate it!

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This is such a toe tapping tune @lovevoat !

With your name I should be able to remember to ping you when appropriate. Your shares have been really, really good :)

Oh yes the howling end, NICE!!

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I like that! Very polished and very well recorded.

You're new to the thread but you seem familiar with what goes on here. You are very, very welcome - and I hope nobody tries to lick you to see if you have a flavor. ;-)

Nah, they are good goats and this is what we do every single weekend.

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I'd like to take a moment, as I often do, to thank the regulars and the new people for their contributions.

I hope the lurkers have been entertained as much as we enjoy entertaining. But, you don't have to be a lurker. Let the goats know that you enjoyed their work with a comment or a vote.

Trust me, we don't do this for compliments. We do it because we love it. This is work. We dedicate many hours to making this music for you. In this thread, with all these tracks, you're well over 100 hours of collective recording and editing time.

That doesn't count the time we put into learning the songs, writing songs, learning to play, keeping our skills up, maintaining our instruments, learning the software, or many other things.

We do this because we love our art. We do this because we love to entertain. We do this because we love to share. We do this for so many reasons.

And you're welcome to be a part of this. You don't have to be a professional. When I say I want to hear you bang pots with wooden spoons, I mean it. We will almost certainly enjoy it. We will enjoy it even more if you make a legitimate effort to do your best.

We all sucked at one point. If you're new, we understand. We will try to help. We will happily answer questions. We will encourage, ask, and listen. We will give you an audience. So, no matter what you play, feel free to share it. If you're not making music, you're missing out on something so wonderful. Maybe you'd like to learn and get in on that feeling if accomplishment?

I love my guitars because they give back to me exactly what I put into them. That's a feeling I wish I could share with the world.

Now back to the regular thread. Remember, it's open all week and usually busy until Sunday.

Shut up and play us a song!

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Beautifully said as per usual, I am so happy to be here!

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It's much less active when you or the other regular goats don't make it. So, we're (at least I am) happy you consistently come and share with us.

I look forward to the lovely vocals. This week's guitar in your share could use a wee bit of cleaning up. ;-)

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Well put. I look forward to every submission! Everyone brings something different, and every bit of it has its own merit.