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First, I'll ping...

@cheeseboogersghost @nadesh @cynicaloldfart @crazy_eyes @mrharryreems

That's enough pinging.

This one is a long one.

By now, y'all know this is my site and my hosting company doesn't like us. So, if you comment there then I can only approve it if it's not your typical Voat comment. No, I can't have you saying "GAS THE KIKES" or the likes. They'll kick me out and I don't have a backup from this week. Besides, it'd suck to move all that.

If y'all want to add suggestions for guitarists for me to cover, add them on that site. I will not keep track of the individual Voat threads. I already have enough to do. I will not be able to keep track of them all and I'm going to need them in one location. I'm more than happy to consider an artist for inclusion and write about them - but I'm not going to be able to remember to go through the lists of old submissions and dig them out.

No, I do not tell people who the next artist is going to be. I keep that private 'cause I just might change my mind at the last minute. (I've already done so twice.)

Of course, commenting here is lovely. Feel free to do so. But, again, if you want to suggest an artist - add it as a comment on that site. I promise, I don't much care about your private information.

About that... I will not share your private information with anyone - unless the dirty rotten lawman makes me. Don't put me in that position and it won't be something we have to worry about. The site uses cookies. I need them. Delete 'em, if you want. I don't much care, but they come in handy.

There are no ads on the site. This is not a profit making venture. I do this 'cause I like it and y'all seem to enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

Finally, I did mention @crazy_eyes specifically - he'll understand why. I did obliquely reference more of you than that. You'll probably spot it.

The artist should be familiar to you all and it's certainly a question as to where he'd have gone had he still been alive. I don't make any predictions, but I'd love to hear some.

Where do you think he'd be today, had he not been dumb enough to get on a small (stolen) airplane?

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If you’re ever curious about how musicians all seem to know a bunch of other musicians, it’s stories like these that demonstrate how much of a community it is and how small that community really is.

This was one of the primary motives I had when I decided to start posting the background stories of a lot of songs here. I found the inter-personal relationships not only interesting, but it also illuminated the influences they had on each other. They shared stories, ideas, riffs, and technology that ended up in some strange places at times. As an example, I would love to have been Jimmy Pages first fuzzbox since it got around these guys almost as much as some of the girls.

Another great article and insight. Songs and people never truly die until the last time they're thought of or listened to. I mean, take some of the recent artists. Who's ever going to remember what's-their-name in even 5 years, much less 30-50?

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I see you found the little snippet meant for you. ;-)

I mentioned in my comment in-thread that I'd obliquely referenced more than just crazy_eyes. That paragraph was meant to tickle your senses.

This one took me a few hours to write and edit, but it was worth it.

If you'd like a story, look up George Harrison's guitar named 'Lucy' and read the names of the people who played or owned her.

While writing this, I sort of considered writing some short stories from the perspective of the instrument, but I'm not sure my writing is up to snuff. For example, I'd write about the guitar called Lucy and how she went from artist to artist - but from her perspective. I'm just not sure I can do the idea justice.

But, yeah... I figured you'd like that part and seeing some of the spiderweb of connections there is in the community. I sort of think you'd be great at writing all your stuff down and putting it on a site somewhere. It's really, really easy to do. Hell, I'd even help you get it sorted and show you how to put ads on it so that it may make you some small income.

I don't use ads because, frankly, I don't give a shit. I don't actually need money and it's a labor that I enjoy.

By the way, thanks again for helping me get the motivation to start this project. It's turned out better than I expected and I'm not yet bored of it. Not every artist gets many comments, but I do see that people read them and I appreciate that they enjoyed them enough to not call me names.

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Hope Randy gets to play guitar in heaven

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Shredding with Jesus!

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I didn't know Jesus played. You think they would have put some of his songs on a record by now

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1 (not-beatle) for me right here. the classical influence pushes him over the top. Dee might be my favorite non-beatles songs of all time.

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Excellent! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

In the thread, I'm now on a tablet, I posted a link to a new page. That page has a list of artists that I've already put on the list. It's usually one a week, but a couple of weeks were missed. It has been pretty fun! I'd dig out the link and copy it but it's an iPad and it likes to randomly refresh when I change tabs.

I've seen you submit before. We have a weekly guitar thread that's pretty active. It opens up in about 25 hours. The last one is still stickied, if you want to see what we do.

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Maybe everytime you add a person you include who you already put on it. On my phone so maybe you did but I can't see it.

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I was actually just thinking about making a page where I could list and index them. So, that's a good idea. I was pretty much thinking the same thing.

It's easy enough to do, so I'll probably do it this week or maybe even this afternoon.

Edit: By the way, thanks!

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That way I can easily scan it and tell you why your list sucks. Haha. Keep.up the good work.

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Thanks for the Ping. Great write-up, as always.

Growing up, for some reason, there was a Eddie Van Halen camp and a Rhoads camp. I never understood it because I loved both for different reasons. I always thought this was awesome: https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=H-PQeWJ2ZC8

Folk guitar is very often very damned difficult.

Some of it truly is. I was raised on it as it was always considered our culture. I used to watch those old guys absolutely destroy a guitar fret board. I know in Nashville they were referred to as "mountain guitarists". My family used to have a tv show on a local station back in the 50's and I've often thought about uploading some of it to Youtube or whatever so that I could show that tapping and crazy fast scales existed long before the so-called originators. Some of these guitarists went on to be in the background of Hee Haw. There is footage of a guitarist doing Cathedral-type volume swells with delay on this show in 1969(I think that was the year) but it was as ther show was coming back from a commercial break.

At this point, it’s pretty safe to conclude that not going to school is a prerequisite for becoming a guitar legend

I didn't know this. lol I dropped out of school in 9th grade. wtf I later went on to educate myself.

Also, polka-dots

I always got turned on by those chics who wore those little polka dot sun dresses. Maybe that's why I always wanted to fuck Randy's guitar?? haha

last words that he’d said to Ozzy (whom he pretty much thought of as a bloated, drunken asshole)

I didn't know that Randy saw Ozzy like that. Enlighten me.

I've often wondered what Randy would've went on to do. I just don't think he would've stayed with Ozzy for much longer. It would be interesting to see. Such a sad loss for the music world.

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There was the same thing when I was growing up, you almost had to choose between Eddie and Randy. I'd just say fuck you they are both great. Hell, back then people would avoid you if they heard you listening to something that they didn't like. Fuck em

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Oh, Randy didn't much like Ozzy after a while. Ozzy was in his drunken fat slob phase.

When he'd died, he'd already made it clear that he was leaving the band. Ozzy got drunk and fired the entire band in 1981 (I think that date is right). Randy was pissed about what happened to Kerslake and Daisley. He didn't want to go on tour with the band after he'd found out they'd been thrown out and not quit.

Shit, when he didn't want to do the cover of Black Sabbath tunes album, Ozzy teased him saying that Zappa and Moore would easily fill in. He finally agreed, but part of that agreement was that it would be the end of his contractual obligations.

This was Ozzy's drunken slob phase and that pretty much tore the band apart.

The whole band was pretty toxic by that point - as some bands are. If you want to read a good book then I recommend Crazy Train: The High Life and Tragic Death of Randy Rhoads. WIkipedia has a lot of content about him, as well. I've got a copy of the book and used Wikipedia to refresh my memory and a bunch of other sites to get a good overview and to set the tone.

It was a pretty complicated story.

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Interesting. I had no idea. Its hard to tell what kind of band Randy would've put together.