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Hmmmmm.......is it the exact copy ones they made? Fender Custom shop made clones of several legendary guitars back in the day...is this one of those series? I think they made a mini documentary about it, and Yngwie tried out a few of them.....

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Sort of. I own a double-neck from the Fender Custom Shop, but this was from Fender Japan. They made a double-neck that's a "Malmsteen Edition." They only made like 60 of them - from what I can find online. It wasn't sold in the US, it wasn't made for export.

It's usually called the YM but some seem to call it the YJM (I can't spot any differences between the two and YM is more common).

There's not a whole lot of information about them - at least not online. So, I'm going to keep researching. I'll probably send him a reply offering $2k if it's playable and in good condition. I just don't want to rip the guy off. I don't do that, as a general rule.

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just ran through a little research....I don't find a J in the model numbers elsewhere....unless it's a story about fakes....which is very common with yngwie models....