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As always, I'll get you started.

This is just four tracks. It's Unforgiven by Metallica,


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I like to listen to the music like this without the lyrics sometimes it is a surprise to hear how the melody of the lyrics mirrors the guitar. When I'm writing songs and trying to put lyrics to music I always think it sounds stupid or it feels stupid to have the melody of the lyrics match the music. Here is Metallica the Melody of the lyrics on this song is exactly what your playing there. Your performances are flawless, as usual, which I've come to expect. I always enjoy Iistening to you're playing. I always like to come up with some sort of counter melody for my lyrics instead of follow along with the melody of the music. I just think it's more interesting that way. Anyways. Thanks for sharing again and every week. I wish more people would share

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I check the number of views. Those only go up once per visitor. Your visits aren't counted twice. So, we are getting there. More people are noticing it. I am trying to think of a polite way to remind people that it's open all weekend.

Maybe a post in v/promote on Saturday and Sunday would be polite and not considered spamming?

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she's a whore!

Original song by me. You may have heard it before, maybe not. I haven't had enough time to throw anything new together, so you get this one this week.

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Indeed! I have heard it - but I suspect only a few of us have. That was way back when these weekly guitar threads weren't actually official (or weekly), as I recall.

Get any practice in this week?

Also, I'm thinking about dumping some live stuff and some studio stuff next week - though I really want to get to some flamenco. I told @needlestack that I'd try to get some flamenco out the door this week, but it's actually been pretty busy this week. If I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it right. I have a couple of really nice flamenco guitars (one built specifically for me in Peru and the other a hand-crafter guitar from a guy down in Mexico City) and I've not tried recording with either of them.

So, that's on my agenda and I may have time to get to it tomorrow, but I have two other projects pulling at my initiative. It's not that I don't have time (technically), it's that I need both time and drive. If that makes sense? Also, I've not played any flamenco in ages.

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I hope that you find a way to get the flamenco guitar out and play it for us.

And I completely understand the time and drive thing. It makes perfect sense. I did get to practice with my friend Chris once this week. That was fun. We played for like five hours

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I started learning the cello a couple of years ago.

I haven't touched it in about 20 months. Motivate me, Buddhaman. Can you motivate me with your experience? What makes you want to continue playing?

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The joy of sharing that experience with others. For a brief window of time, I'm honored to be allowed to give someone new memories, bring back old memories, and to enable them to emote. As a performing musician (I'm long since retired today), I had an obligation to entertain and to provide people with an experience.

It's one of the most honorable things I've ever done.

Today, I still share (I just gigged over the last holiday) and all, but I play more or less for myself. It's a creative outlet that, no matter how much I practice, there's always room for me to improve. Today, I play for me.

It's hard work, but I feel the reward is worth the effort.

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Sadly, I have nothing for this week, but for a great reason! My band was in the studio all weekend tracking for our next 2 EP's! Now, I've got months of post production ahead...

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Oh! Nice!

I have a friend with a real studio - it's down in Belgrade, Maine. I can have all the time I want - at good prices or in exchange for doing some studio work. He does a lot of work out of the UMA music department. I'm really, really thinking about cutting an album - but it'd just be to give away. I don't actually want to sell it. Maybe take donations and give them to a good musical cause? There's a music camp in that same area (long story - but I've volunteered there for two weeks most every summer) that takes gifted students on scholarship basis - so maybe the donations could go to that?

I dunno... I just keep getting the urge to play and share. The gig over the holidays was good for my head. It's still very much up in the air. It's also a long, long drive. Though, I guess I could stay at a hotel? I can record at home with fair quality - though I'd rather much higher quality masters. Meh... I'll figure it out.

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Honestly, if you don't have to capture a drum kit or any other fancy fun stuff, home studios are just fine these days. What we usually end up doing is nailing down the rhythm section in the studio, then I re-track the flutes, violins, and vox here at my house, because I have a fantastic room for those elements. Our producer is also kind enough to send me home with an Avalon preamp and a Mojave tube mic. This time, we're going a bit further, and our drummer is going to be tracking additional percussion at his studio in Ohio. We are extremely fortunate that our studio time is free, as long as I'm willing to do the engineering for the tracking.

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I actually picked up my guitar for the first time in a long time the last couple weeks. It made me feel good, but God do I suck now.

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Yeah, I've taken a few breaks in playing. It comes back pretty quickly and you'll want to build up some callouses again. Run through some scales, do some chordal progressions, and set aside some time to do it every day. It becomes a habit and you'll find yourself back where you were in no time.

Of course, you could also share your progress with us. ;-)

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Also, I had some interruptions this week and wasn't able to get out a flamenco guitar (I have a couple of styles), so I probably won't get to share any this week. Depending on tomorrow's schedule, I might have time to break out a couple of tunes. Maybe... If I can't get them done for this weekend, I'll almost certainly have time next week - almost certainly...

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@katharzso looky here dear