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@HenryCorp, if the government decides to take out more taxes to pay for the illegal immigrants, will you then allow downvoating? Or are you just going to leave it at a 1787 CCP minimum?


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https://archive.is/lKqtl | https://vgy.me/PuuWAq.png :

The GOP Has Declared War on Democracy | The Nation

'The pattern is clear—when Republicans don’t like the legislative rules or an outcome of an election, they change the rules or try to nullify the election. '

'The courts blocked the changes to the boards of elections, but Republicans are still trying to change the rules. '

' It’s that one party believes in democracy and the other does not. '

'The story isn’t that both sides are to blame for hyper-partisanship in Washington. '

'I’m no great fan of the filibuster, but it’s stunningly hypocritical for Republicans to deny Garland a hearing and a vote and then change the Senate rules to confirm Gorsuch. '

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