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The voat citizens have spoken and THEY ARE DEMANDING BLOOD. The next debate time is set for next WEDNESDAY, Nov 11 at 7:30pm Pacific Standard Time!


For those who missed the last debate, here it is!

Hope to see you all there. Word of warning since more people are planning on coming, try to show up on time so you can reserve your seat!

This is part of what we'll be debating:

At no point did Manhood Academy answer for their bullshit spamming, their sleazy operational practices, or the numbing mediocrity of their content. No one spoke to the glaring flaws in their judgment. No one held them accountable for their obvious amateurism.

We will also be covering the censorship issue affecting all of voat and anything else you want to put on the agenda!

If this post gets censored we will be reposting it so don't worry! and of course we will send everyone the link come debate time!


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Not sure if serious, or just trolling.

I'm think it's the former.


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