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What exactly is the point of lighting it on fire?


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This is a last resort for a well blowout and is often part of a company's policy if they can't gain well control. Often times the gases and oil coming off of a well can be more harmful to people and the enviroment unless it is set on fire.

One example I can think of would be on a high Hydrogen Sulfide well. H2S is a very poisonous gas and is heavier than air. When it's burned it becomes Sulfur Dioxide which isn't great but it's less likely to kill a unsuspecting population.

If you ever hear the term "Burning the rig down" it maybe in refrence to what is occurring in the video as often times the rig or other equipment is still near or on the well.

This looks like a a well that may have received "communication" from another nearby well that is in the process of being fracked.

This is all info I've picked up while working in ND as a safety hand, it may not all be accurate but I figured I'd throw in what I know.

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Uneducated guess: burns debris instead of causing a mess that requires expensive cleanup.


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I'm not sure but that's what a couple billion dollars on fire probably looks like. Incinerating that much of the world's oil should probably be considered a war crime.


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This is not that much oil compared to the world's supply. Like it wouldn't even change the supply any tangible amount.