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After Europeans are extinct I hope Japs take over the planet.

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remember WW2? Germany has a cause because of Jews. Jap were just a bunch of violence fucks at the time, more like they were the asian bolshevik jews. they attacked pearl attack and started the war with us. Japs might have repented and more calm after the war.

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They were Imperialists, the same as Whites, and they targeted a naval fleet with the power to threaten their empire.

They made a mistake, it cost them dearly.

Japs were pulling the same shit on their island the Brits were pulling on theirs, feudal warrior systems all owing allegiance to a central leader ordained by a higher power (King vs Emperor) with shitloads of noble lords and vassals warring against each other.

Samurai were basically knights.

Japs are honorary Aryans.

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I went to a drift event a couple weeks ago. Pretty fun stuff.

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Fuck yes this was awesome