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All you need to know about communism is that in order to enforce it, you need secret police, neighbors spying on neighbors, re-education camps, and gulags. That's how much the people who are under its heel love it.

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We got all of that now. (((liberalism))) is even worse.

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Anyone unironically communist is braindead...

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We're always just one purge away from utopia.

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...and please ignore pol pot

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To be fair, no one has actually tried capitalism, either. It seems that, no matter which system of government you have, corruption and tyranny are the logical conclusion, with the only solution being full transparency of government and "zero trust policies" for government officials.

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Unchecked capitalism inevitably leads to monopolies. We've been there, done that.

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The Cycle of Jew

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Does this work for fascism too?

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Of course it does you silly wench..., if you were not so busy stuffing pancakes in your fat stupid face you would know that every “ism” is destined for failure..., communism, fascism, capitalism too are all doomed eventually.

Due to one simple thing, the human condition, (read greed).

Every “ism” works in your head, never in practically.

Reality is your ass is far too fat for me, and always will be.

Seriously, everyone wants to be king, life is too short to wait for the throne.

....now get me a beer, wench