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sunken eyes and the bags, that fucken look.

it aint normal whatever it is.

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A lot of Jews are really prone to certain blood disorders, like certain conditions involving missing blood factors. Also to autoimmune disorders.

Gaucher disease, cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs disease, familial dysautonomia, or Canavan disease

1 in 4 Ashkenazim are carriers of alleles for these diseases.

Jews are an organsim that dances on the edge of the evolutionary cliff. They always need their women marrying outside their lines, because if they didn't, they'd probably be fatally fucked after several generations. A lot of this stuff is carried on the X chromo so the incidence of producing an affected child is much higher if an Ashkenazim woman breeds with an Ash male. And, as you'd expect, the Jewish label is passed on through the mother. Of course it is, it has to be.

You see a lot of the intellectual revolutionaries through history who aren't Jewish but are leftists will marry into Jewry.