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Stefan Molyneux

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thanks for posting that.

wheres it from?

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dont know. but is trufe.

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got me thinking to.

some people actually raise themselves enough to be able to swim on their own only to have other people pull them down under the water screaming at them 'youre not doing it right' and demanding you half drown yourself like they are, so you try and do it their way and find yourself dying slowly. so you change your method only to be screamed at, or sent to a headshrink to give you pills that make you swim right, but no matter what, they wont leave you alone to swim your way.... so by the time you get to late adulthood, there will be some point in your life where the technique youve been forced to use will drown you and youve lost all touch with yourself...

it never ends.

the government is now telling me the way i swim is killing other people. i know its a lie.

been swimming against currents for 30 years. id love a rest.

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I mean "child adult" is a real thing, I think through meditation, self sacrifice, meeting new people you can make improvements to your life and it feels really bad to lose that part of yourself as you change. but you have to follow through. So don't give up when it feels bad.