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We miss you, Hitler.


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Uncle Adolf.

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That slight hint of a sheepish smile and twinkle in his eye in the final frames of this makes me feel a sort of calm sadness that’s hard to describe.

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He tried to tell them, he tried to save us, now just look.

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His spirit lives on. Deep down. There’s a little Hitler in all of us. God speed gents

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This would be a most excellent and appropriate time to bring back the Hitler mustache. Is it not said Hitler shaved his classic bushy Bavarian mustache to allow for a more positive sealed fit of his gas mask? Now we all know how important the fit of our masks are in these highly infectious times, it only makes sense to follow his brilliant lead in this matter. Who could argue such sound thinking?

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It is a Hardy mustache, not a Hitler mustache.

We need to bring it back into style for Oliver!

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Looks like it was shot at the Eagles Nest in Bechtesgarten. Worth a trip if you have time.

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I'd love to see it but I'm afraid I'd get Muslim'ed

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Definitely worth it.

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We will never forget this man and what he did for his people. R.I.P.

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Apparently he lived out his days in Argentina.

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Nice little town on the border with Chile. Lots of beautiful architecture and german people there.

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I only wish.

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A scholar and a gentleman.

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