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There needs to be more black people and poor latino immigrants fishing at that pond oy to the vey and shaloms™✡️💎

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There never will be. Kikes, niggers and Spanish muttpies Detest nature at its core. Can’t even survive it without electricity, it’s why we will win no matter the odds.

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I don't think niggers are into camping too much.

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Actually whenever I would go out fishing u would see a ton of Mexican dudes fishing. Free dinner and all.

[–] ex-feminist ago 

i was nervous living in a black neighborhood when i owned chickens. if the world ended, they wouldnt have had sense enough to leave my chickens alone to harvest their eggs. theyd probably wait until they got starving then come kill all our chickens and fry them up, maybe kill us in the process.

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Love it

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That shit made me tear up.

I have great memories of catching largemouth bass with my grandpa.

Thanks for that.

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Who else was waiting for a crocodile to come up out of the water when they were standing at the waters edge and just snatch the boy up?

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I thought it might be a turtle.

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Wow! That fish is almost as big as he is!

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That little fucker just caught a bass bigger than I have ever.... FUCK!

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Try using something other than foreskins for bait

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this is everything that's right with the world. made me smile inside and out.

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It's good to see boys being boys.

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THIS is what I fight for.

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Man, i want a happy family. Id love to find a girl who doesn't value degeneracy or binging snack foods

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I remember my first catch. Was in kindergarten and we went to a buddies well stocked pond. It was cast for me and I got a bite within 10 seconds. Didnt understand the reeling part yet so I just ran the other way and drug it up onto the bank lol. Was too afraid to stick my hand in its mouth to pick it up tho.

[–] Voopin__Voopin ago 

Lol that's awesome

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