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Good job spreading a viral advertisement.


Read the video description

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Yep it's bullshit, here's the original video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtCzlZogjZQ. That Jeep would have gotten high centered on the log. You would need a really built out jeep (35's+ and lockers) to go over something like that, and even then it would probably be a struggle.

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I had no idea.

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And knowing is half the battle.

Seriously, with all the misinformation we see everyday on the internet because "computers for the rest of us", it should be second nature to double check things. Either that or waste your life on teh interwebs and have a long memory and be very lonely. Someone be my friend please.

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That's way better than when people in trucks and suv's go as slow as possible over a little speed bump.

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Tip-toeing over railroad tracks. lol Funny watching big ass trucks doing this.

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Fabricated and likes buttsecks

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That is the only time that mall crawler will be used for its intended purposes. Jeeps are perhaps the worst vehicle for normal everyday driving. The majority of people buy them for an image only. And the people who do use them for offroading, 95% would be better off with something like a 4Runner, which is just as capable for what they would use it for off-road and is a lot better on-road.

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Not to mention how over priced they are, they are always breaking, and they're not meant for offroad use from the factory. It literally voids your warranty if you upgrade the kind of things you'd need to in order to use it for off road adventures.

Jeeps are literally all about being part of a group who are delusional and wasteful on a useless hobby.

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Not to mention how over priced they are

A base Wrangler is $35k now, the highest trim is $50k..... for a god damn Jeep!!!

Jeeps are literally all about being part of a group

Yep, Jeep sells an image, like Harley Davidson. And like HD, they are riding on an image. I went on the Jeep website to look at the pricing and there is literally a tab for "Jeep Life" which shills "Jeep merch" and a community or something. Ridiculous.

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Which is why I found it amusing.

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My buddy bought one and regularly drives off-road, dispersed camping. It's a hobby for sure, but a hobby where an off-road vehicle is the right tool for the job.

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As I was saying a 4Runnner has miles better on-road manners and is 95% capable as a Jeep Wrangler off-road. Unless your buddy is doing extreme rock crawling with a stock Jeep, he sacrificing a lot for very little gain. I think it was Jalopnik that did a comparison test with a stock VW Touareg vs a Jeep on some mid-level rock crawling and it did just fine.

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Phony and homosexual

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With my luck that stunt would fuck up the undercarriage.

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I'm sure not long after this the drive shaft fell off, or something equally fucky. Jeeps suck.

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and probably the only time that jeep needed the 4x4

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The only tree in sight, and it's a monster. But it went down without touching anything. Did no damage at all. A professional tree-feller couldn't have done a better job.