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Lightning bugs are weird if ya think about it.

I'll tell ya a strange encounter I had with them on a dark & snowy night many moons ago. So My cousin & I was out driving around drinkin' bur in a snowstorm we had. We got a little over 2 foot of snow. We were in the woods and stopped to take a break from driving and talk, listen to a song or two before we made our way home. It was late at night. As we sat there I thought I seen some lights but looked around and didn't see anything. Then it happened again. A big snow-covered pine tree was lighting up in the darkness. The snow was so heavy and wet that it draped over the tree like a cover. I got out and investigated. I think that it got warm enough in the tree that lightning bugs came out of the ground and started climbing up in the tree blinking. One of the most strange beautiful things I have ever witnessed.

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There's also a firefly-inspired metaheuristic (ie optimization) algorithm: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firefly_algorithm

In fact, there's an enormous corpus of nature-inspired metaheuristics: https://github.com/fcampelo/EC-bestiary

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Based and Bug-Pilled

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We teach ourselves by observing in other species, certain traits.

Translating Luciferase to LED lighting would require copious amounts of biochemical compounds gathered/produced from _____ and stored in living 'bulbs'?
How about glowing humans, since that's part of a future predictive science fiction?

One man's firefly is another's Luciferian's Luciferase plotline.

Just shining a little light on the subject.

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You mean like " GLOW NIGGERS"?

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perhaps one can duplicate luciferase/luciferine effects in semiconductors or something. upmod for puns, fren.

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I had to watch that over and over! It was so relaxing and beautiful!

Thank you!

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I feel bad when I think about it: we kids would stomp on them and smear them on the sidewalk, there'd be a glowing streak on the pavement....

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Yeah that's pretty fucked up. Did you not have a pet growing up or something?

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We had hamsters, dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, fish, hermit crabs, gerbils.

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I mean, it's an insect. We have computers with more complex brains. I doubt the other lightning bugs judged you very harshly.

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I never participated in such shenanigans, but I saw other kids cut worms in half to see if the tail would regrow a head and take fish that our teacher would feed to her turtles and put them under a magnifying glass to see which one would last the longest.

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Unfortunately, it's how we learn: by killing shit. Capturing bugs and butterflies and sticking a fucking pin through them in our collection, along with rocks & stamps.

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I used to whack them with my hands so I could watch them light up as they flew through the air.

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Children are pure psychos. How many ants I incinerated with a magnifying glass. I'd tie a string onto dragonflies and cicadas and have them fly around, tethered. Countless atrocities.

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Aww, that's pretty.

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Ahhh childhood memories!

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At least they're still around. Remember hornytoads?

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never actually seen one. Brighter than I thought

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He's letting the ladies know he's available.

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