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That bottom left corner of the frame is hot. That's where I'd be fishing.

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In which image? There are many fishing spots at the falls, most bears have their favorite and some bears fish several. Bears fish on top of the falls (The Lip) and catch the salmon in their mouths as they jump up. Others fish below the falls (two spots are called "The Jacuzzi" and "The conveyer") grabbing the salmon that are about to jump or have fallen back after an unsuccessful jump. Otis likes to fish on the far side next to the bank in a place called "The Office".

This year there has been a shit-ton of salmon most of the season so fishing is pretty good everywhere. Check it out man, they are at it right now.

Edit: I've just realized you are most likey talking about "The Jacuzzi" the bubbly area below the falls where the fish are jumping from. Bears fish above it and and in it. That spot is often reserved for 856 the most dominant bear. You'll know when you see him come on the scene, you'll see others moving away quickly. 747 is another big bear that likes to fish there when 856 isn't around.

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the bottom 2 gifs with otis and humphrey

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thanks for sharing with us.

i especially like the first technique, when the fishing bear jumps in and his friend is watching and seems to see this technique often employed by him haha

he has this sort of bear face look that he sees this happen often and is just done with it.

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You're welcome.

That's actually a one off from "Lefty" he normally fishes the lip and catches them in his mouth. But one day he got excited and jumped off. It cracks me up every time I see it. Other bears do the smash-n-grab regularly though (not from the lip though).

BTW Lefty is on the lip atm and 856 (the king of the bears) is below him in the "Jucuzzi".

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I like bears :)

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They know their place, that's for sure. Polar bears keep to polar bears, brown bears to brown bears, and the blacks to the blacks. Independently they thrive, but anyone foolish enough to mix them up would witness a bloodbath.

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Ahh There's always one....

A grizzly polar bear hybrid, In 2006, the occurrence of this hybrid in nature was confirmed by testing the DNA of a unique-looking bear that had been shot near Sachs Harbour, Northwest Territories on Banks Island in the Canadian Arctic. The number of confirmed hybrids has since risen to eight, all of them descending from the same female polar bear.

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Weird how that sort of thing works.

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What do you know about bears?

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I've met many a black bear, they all run away like little black bunnies when you call them niggers. These ones are browns but being an outdoorsman and watching several videos with them, they seem pretty chill during salmon runs, even if people are fishing too, they usually just stay out of each others way or ignore each other. Basic rules apply, don't get between them and their food, or their young, don't startle them and probably the universal rule of don't get caught sleeping/with your pants around your ankles.

Other then that they seem alright, I'd love to go to a place like this and fish with them. It's on my list of things to do someday.

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Good info and advice. Thanks.

I'm not very outdoorsy these days. I work from home. I discovered these cams 3 years ago and watch them each season during the day while working.

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I ate a black bear for thanksgiving once.

Shit skins (covers them all).

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They like salmon. A lot.

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They think they are messages.