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Mesmerizing but there's a glaring inefficiency in it.

It should start on the left/right side and fill to the other side rather than at the peak.

Would save a tremendous amount of used and waste energy going back and forth.

No. Don't care about muh global warming, it's not real and any climate change is a natural consequence of celestial changes far outside of man's control.

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why have a rotational mechanism at the end of the cycle? drop them down right up. and that pivoting arm seems unnecesarry when you could have controlled gates and trigger switches.

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All pinsetters and the pinspotter does it this way. It is easier to transport the pins to the correct location with them laying on their side, and then rotate them into place as you lower them.

As for the moving conveyor belt, the Pinspotter is all about efficiency when it comes to number of parts. For example the Brunswick Pinsetters work just as you mention, with gates and switches, but those switches get worn and need replacing, and it adds more points of failure. Both are good, and have advantages and disadvantages

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all that ingenuity and precision for my drunken gutter ball.

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I admire the Brunswick a1 almost no wires on the thing, all mechanical sensors.

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That's not a Brunswick, that's an AMF Pinspotter which is fucking magic... It uses momentum to lower the pins into the correct place instead of plastic arms that hold them until moved into place.

[–] M346 ago 

I meant that pinsetter is not as cool as a Brunswick A1. I'm not aware of the full AMF magic, I'm sure it's respectable.

[–] Plavonica ago 

Reminds me of those old-school pinball machines that weighed a million pounds.

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This is a much newer system. The older ones were also impressive

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True, my brother was a pinsetter mechanic god back in the day. I watched him tear into one once. My respect for him was solidified that day.

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The AMF Pinspotter is an amazing beast, I've only worked on Brunswicks but the Pinspotter is on a whole other level of engineering, not needing arms to hold the pins during placement.

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Oh good a 10mb gif where a 700k html5 video would have worked.

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It has at least 3 unnecessary "jumps" with 5 in total. To increase efficiency, including the reset, it could have started in either top corner, wrapped around the sides, and ended next to where it began. (And using no additional movement patterns like the reset at the end. Not that it likely matters... just sayin'.)

For example: starting in the top left '1' position and went: 1,5,8,10,9,7,4 -> 3,6,2 -> 1





Instead it goes: 10,9 -> 8,5,1 -> 2,6 -> 7,4 -> 3 -> 10

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ENGINEERING gets the niggers out of the loop. YAY ENGINNERING!

How many complete sets of 10 pins are in a single pin setting machine? I know there's more than one, but is there 3 or more? Or just 2?

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Old school are human pinsetters


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