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White man invention.

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I got here 2.1 minutes too late.

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And capitalism enabled the choice to put money into R&D and mass production instead of solving every problem with labor.

Sometimes upfront costs are preferable to continuous ones, and capitalism gives you the choice.

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Came here to say invented by Tyrone Qauntavious Washington.

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Dam. That google genius inventing everything

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Not only is the lawn mower a white invention, but at some point, some white man said, "I can do better" and created this deck specifically to be able to mow around livestock fence posts.

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This makes me want to get a metal shop and just build all my own shit

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Do it!

Stop depending on others & enjoy an amazing feeling of accomplishment whenever you finish a project.

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He must have a huge yard, I sat there for hours counting the fence posts and finally gave up.


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Extremely common in the country. Almost necessary.

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I know I'm getting older when I see that and think. That's fucking cool. I want one

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I want the land, I'll happily cut grass on the fenceline with a scythe if that's what it takes to afford the land.

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cool but i bet that has a hefty price tag. ill just replace the posts after a decade or so

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Germany invented it, they still make shit

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