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The planning, engineering, and care taken in the manufacturing of that shell is dishonored by the shitty music that accompanied its detonation.

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it was muted for me the first time around figured it didnt have sound.

my God that music is shit.

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I am glad that I did not unmute the video.

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If I wasn't white, I'd want to be Japanese. Lucky nips.

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Only because we wrote their Constitution.

It was almost embarrassing how their pilots performed in WWII. They had planes that were superior in every way, yet the Flying Tigers and others had kill ratios around 40:1.

The Japanese people are great now, because they know their place and their comfortable there, they've made a nice home there.

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America did nothing to Japan but utterly emasculate it. Feminism has destroyed them even harder than it's destroyed us.

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Whateva milk people de Tuskegee Black pilots won that war they was superior y'all milk people ain't done nothing. We built dis country and we own it now. Haha.

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The Japanese are precise.

It is honor and respect, and the DUTY to excel.

I can imagine that this particular shell was constructed in a way that some of the portions projected from the initial air burst were timed by fuses or cardboard wrapping.

It's beautiful that we can create things like this.

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They copied all our tech and German tech, especially in cars. They just do it way better than the chinks do.

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Fucking imgur link.

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This is what precision gets you in the long run.

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& on the other hand, chinese firework prolly look like explosive gook diarrhea

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I love to see excellence and pride in one's craft.

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Then don't ever watch niggers do anything.

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The Japanese aren't happy with anything unless they turn it up to 11.

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