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I think the same thing is true of all these "but we don't have real capitalism". There are flaws and faults in any system. No system works in a heterogeneous society.

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Capitalism is an inherent human activity. Go into any first grade lunchroom and see 6 year olds trading 2 cookies for a half a peanut butter sandwich. Humans know how they value goods and like trading items they value less for something they want more. No one has to teach you capitalism. Socialism is just the opposite. It is an (((economic theory))) which has to be taught to the gullible or imposed by brute force. That is why every socialist economy has a thriving capitalist black market underground. It's natural to humans while socialism is unnatural and always collapses.

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Communism is pretty simple, We'll give you some free stuff (lie) if you give us full tyranny powers. Government through lottery.

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Idk communism does a pretty good job of killing white people and christians and devolving the country for jewish rule.

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Socialism DOES work. For socialists. It of course does not work as advertized, because this os how they lure in useful idiots. But it DOES work as actually intended: They get to take all your land, stuff and money, your life's work, against your will, and get to boss you around in the name of the people.

If you really think that they want anything else from siclaism than a pretext to simply take your land, stuff and money, you are as retarded as you imagine them to be.

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I think I detect sone sort of pattern. I can't quite place my finger on it. But then I remember. Don't look to history, 'cause histry b racis n sheet.

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it's real communism because it collapsed...jews designed it to collapse