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Nicely done. It could literally go on for hours.

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All of the commercials are swedish

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That's... unexpected. Why on earth would (((they))) focus on a nation were the women are predominantly blonde and blue-eyed?

[–] nagger_01 ago 

haha good one :)

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Every single one of them (except for the ad with the lone wee niglet) had a white woman and non-white male. Can someone explain why is it rarely shown as the other way around?

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Because even niggas don't like black women. They use Asian woman for white men, and sane thing with Asian men. Nobody likes Asian men who look like little boys except for Koreaboos and pedos.

[–] Glipglup ago 

Small sample. Personally, I've seen plenty of ads with white male/sheboon couples.

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This is good. But what are the 2 panels selling "insurances" ?

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Everything is touched (infected) by them

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Bach wrote the Goldberg Variations, a piano piece using the same theme with little variations. This is the Goldberg Advertising Variations