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That's a White dude garanteed.

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Support your local farmers

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From the comments:

“I saw this on the news. The guy in the tractor was a neighbour. He ran home and grabbed his equipment and jumped in. When later interviewed and asked why he put himself and his tractor in danger, he looked at the reporter like she was a moron, and said, you help your neighbour when they need it”

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And don't play with matches in wheat fields on high fire hazard days.

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Just another DUMBFUCK REDNECK being a wonderful person, contributing to society, feeding the world, building civilizations, protecting himself and his livelihood, doing whats best for his family and community, selflessly putting himself in harms way for the benefit of others, teaching his children how to be virtuous, teaching his children how to protect themselves, ssving his business to later pay taxes on the revenue generated thus paying welfare and helping those less fortunate, and being an all around bad ass.


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The contrast between White Men and kikes is staggering.

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Not even his livelihood, that's his neighbors field

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That is already evident by the fact he has crops successfully growing.

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One who understands firebreaks too.

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Did it work? I want to see the rest of the video.

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The gif is sped up just enough to make it feel more intense while still being believable.

This video still ends too early, but it looks like it worked.

I think at the end he was weighing the odds the fire would jump vs the cost of doubling the width of the crop path he destroyed.

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He stopped it.


Fire lines, also known as firebreaks, create gaps that deprive fires of vegetation to burn, keeping them contained within the area. Fires sometimes jump over such lines, but can be held back temporarily. The farmer’s efforts were enough to contain the blaze until firefighters were able to extinguish it.

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White power!

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It's how they contain the big bushfires here in Oz - by doing controlled burns during the winter months.

Or what would happen if the greenie fuckwits didn't get all pissy and ban backburning operations from occurring - which is precisely why the bushfires were so bad at the end of last year.

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Nice. That's a neighbor.

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A Red Steer is the ultimate fire jump. Basically a fireball will go straight up in the air and then 'shoot' in a downwards angle up to a couple miles away.

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I want to know too

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Some other versions in the thread too.

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Me too, but I just found the clip on another site that got it from FB somewhere. Sorry.

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Without farmers there would be no military.

FYI...the technological advancement of a country is determined by the number of people required to work ONE ACRE of land, ergo no farmers no GDP.

Without the farmer there would be nothing to compare human productivity levels to, there is no other line of work that demands the wherewithal of a farmer.

Nobody knows the land better than a farmer.

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You only have to look at countries like South Africa and Zimbabwe to see what places would be like without ( white) farmers.

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source me

im an econ major grad and never heard of this variant of technological advancement

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Probably because your textbooks are authored by people like (((krugman))).

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Buddy I just lost everything that I typed and I am pissed. This economic variant is what I was taught in high school back in the early 70's in the Canadian educational system. One farmer in Alberta or Iowa can work 1,000 acres a day with a tech advanced tractor and implements whereas a Soviet farmer under the communist collective system could only work 1 acre of land a day manually. Then there was still the burden of other chores like cutting firewood, hauling water, feeding livestock and maintaining your surroundings hence the need for large families. I've never researched any of this on the internet because what I've been taught 45 years ago makes sense in the real world. For the most part my education was directly proportionate to present day reality except for the historical inaccuracies purposely inculcated into everyone's head regarding the perpetrators of the HOLODOMOR and the role those same perpetrators played in concocting the holocaust. I don't have a degree in economics but I've been in the Crane Rental Business for almost 30 years and have been involved in many Cap Ex projects that required millions of dollars of crane services, basically all of my knowledge comes from my schooling, my wisdom derived from observation, mainly learning from "other" people's mistakes.

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I'm pretty sure the logic is

Few people working the land = more people able to concentrate in cities. The larger the city the more advancements are made.

I dont even think that's an econ lesson, but a history lesson.

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Its literally how the acre is derived.

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Without DUMBASS PIECE OF SHIT WHITE PEOPLE who farm the land, there would be nothing.

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We all know that.

Something we need to also know and understand is that the people who hate whites, most likely, do no have the brains/neurons available to process the fact that if all whites disappeared one day, society would crumble.

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I wonder if 'technological risk' could be factored into this because a lot of modern agribusiness relies on petrochemicals and 'fossil' water, both of which are non-renewable: We're talking nitrogen sources/chem fertilizer, chemicals to kill weeds, chemicals to protect against fungus, insecticides. All reliant on oil production.

I hate the hippy-dippity shit about 'sustainability' but really, how sustainable is this current level of production given the current techniques and technology involved?

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Now you're referring to the bastardization of agriculture.

Monsanto, Agrium, Cargill, Deere etc completely subjugated, institutionalized and behaviorally rewired the farming world.

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Cool, the sped up version looked a lot more dramatic though... and add some Fox News in CHAD music.

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Did it work? He's NOT a liberal....sit around and start calling OTHER (government) sources to PAY for all of that!

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Bbbut somebody else started the fire! They need to take care of this! They were probably white, too!

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That's the true nigger (parasite) spirit! YOU pay for MY choices! lol. You got it.

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Remember, He didn't stop that fire... ala Obama. lol

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Only white people......

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It looks like fun. I know someone is losing their crop over that and I feel bad for them but I would happily jump in and run that. I have some experience in cutting a line.

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He's cutting damn close to the leading edge too. If it wasn't his money burning he'd probably have given it another 20 feet.

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Doubt it. Most white people are selfless. I know tons of people who are totally devoted to their employer and will do whatever it takes.

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You kind of have to respect that.

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