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In case any goats aren't aware, there was a confederate statue in Virginia and a bunch of niggers and commies swarmed it to take it down because racism or something.

So they gave ol' Jefferson Davis the big heave-ho and down he went... and in one final act of loyalty and bravery, President Davis literally crushed a nappy-headed nigger's skull. Seriously.

I dunno if the nog is alive or not, but this gif is immensely satisfying to me.

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This is literally the only one way a confederate soldier could still kill a black person in 2020 and it still happened.

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But confederates weren't killing "blacks" dude. Fuck you and stop repeating that garbage. We were fighting the fucking oppressive union army. We were ironically protecting the blacks (from themselves)

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Good, fucking useless nigger. Good riddance, too bad it wasn't more.

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satisfying to us all. we need more victories. share videos of niggers getting hurt.

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He survived and was taken to a Hospital last I heard.

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in a coma will almost certainly die of covid1984

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Probably gained a few IQ points from that conk.

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From what I heard he was in critical condition and they weren't certain he would live.

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who is paying for his hospital bills?

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At least he couldn't suffer from brain damage.

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Based and logisticspilled

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King got his dream, The blacks are judged by the content of their character

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It's the fault of white police for not stopping them.

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If you look carefully, you can see his skull exposed. I also saw a 2 frame gif that showed his skull deformed considerably on impact. He then lost an enormous amount of blood. He probably won't ever be the same man he was assuming he even survives the playing of stupid games and winning stupid prizes.

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Like the guy that survived that sheboon shooting him in the head while they played with a gun in the car. He's fucked for life.

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That was possibly the worst video I ever saw, that death groan he made was awful. I know he didn't die but it made me feel sick.

Actually, I've seen worse videos that involve whites, but this probably was the worst "gruesome" video i've ever seen.

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"OH SHIT! OH SHIT! OH SHIT! OH SHIT!"....It didn't have sound so I thought I would add the nigger narrative.

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Thank you for your service

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