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Stop touting this meme. In reality there are zero genders. Gender in humans was made up in the 60's by the pedophile psychologist John Money. There is only biological sex. Also, check out Money's experiments to raise David Reimer as a girl after a botched circumcision.

Believing in "only two genders" makes you as much of a fool as those who believe in 50 genders.

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I am not a nazi but I appreciate their sense of style

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Not a Nazi

Name is "Nosense"

Well... I mean...

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blessed be, fellow of the old lands. i read you have "injun" blood, as you put it, earlier. have no shame, the natives of this land were powerful warriors who's blood endows within you a connection to this very soil. it gives all the more reason to call yourself a nationalist of the true spirit of the US citizen, not of dedication to the state, but to the familial core, and to heritage.

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Oy vey, this killed five of my grandparents. I can't believe you'd murder seven of my grandparents at Auschwitz with this spicy flag of killing-nine-of-my-grandparents. It actually looks like eleven, the number of my grandparents killed by this hateful flag at Auschwitz.

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For some reason, this was the third of back to back funny memes

When I got to this one I actually lol

Well done meme Jedi

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