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One sign of a good man is how they treat animels. Come to think about it I dont believe I've every seen a video of a jew petting a animal.

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Fucking horrific. Kind of like the Saw movie, for animals. Why the fuck would people do this?

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Nope, not clicking that one.

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Show me one video where this is an evil bad man. I dare you.

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Ahhhh. Men cuddling puppies, it’s my weakness after men cuddling babies.

[–] FridayJones ago 

That dog's name was Blondi.

[–] prairie ago 

Both of them?

[–] Diom3Mind ago 

WTF....heil fucking hitler.....

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Vegetarian, Animal activist, antigun, meth head, and socialist all in one!! Don't forget, he didn't even kill the jews he promised to.

Sounds like our guy, huh!

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