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That look on her face when she fell was as if you handed her a plate of vegetables.

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But I identify as thin!!

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Fat presenting thin person*

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The ligaments collapsed under the weight of 'her truth'.

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I'm kinda curious if that's what really happened. Not that it really makes a difference. But still, just my idle curiosity.

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Frame #27 shows her landing with on a well-planted left foot and it does indeed appear that her knee couldn't handle the force.

I was curious too.

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she's grabbing her thigh, I kinda wonder if she's just being a little bitch about a little bit of pain. Since nothing actually appears to have broken.

Course one leg isn't made to support all that weight. So I wouldn't be surprised if she broke her foot or something.

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Well it was either that or the whole stage was going to collapse.

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That's a mushroom. You meant panniculus

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The obese are a huge expense to society.

[–] expose ago 

bariatrics they call it you got a whole fuckin branch of medicine to deal with fat gross whales.

[–] Leveraction ago  (edited ago)

Well said! No excuse for getting this big and purposely filming to show how fat she is. Disgusting on all levels. For all who say "ya gotta start somewhere", right but NOT on a website, duh

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I don't know what the background to this is but In some ways I admire the spirit and effort but she really should have had people telling her she had to get fitter before she pushed herself too hard and caused injury. Of course in clown world you only get cheerleaders for this stuff. It's like when guys go nuts trying to do athletics or show off with heavy lifts and nearly cripple themselves too rather than do the slow build up to it.

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She’s not trying to be fit or active. She’s showing off, without the requisite characteristics for the activity.

She wanted to do a victory lap in a NASCAR race before learning how to use the brake pedal.

I just started getting back in shape this week, and my lack of fitness is embarrassing. I’d love to hit some tough trails with my mountain biking buddies but I’d also like to keep my body in one piece, so I’ll have to wait on that.

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Good on you though. A step up is the right direction no matter where you start.

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Same here. At least she's trying to be physical. Sad part is she might get mocked to the point where she won't keep trying. But like you said, you gotta start by going easier.

[–] Empire_of_the_mind ago 

Lose weight first

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More trying to be a dumb showing off than physical. If she really wants to be physical she goes to a gym.

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As far as she was, there was a bit of Grace to her movements. Imagine if the girl was fit.

Pride cometh before the fall.

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Yeah that's what surprised me. If she was fit she could have real talent and ability. Hopefully she takes the knock to pride and the body and comes back stronger for it. Potentially she could leave the bad behind.

[–] slwsnowman40 ago 

No, there was probably a pop in this case.

[–] mcdowell_ag ago 

My guess is that she was pretty good at this years ago, when she was thin. She remembered what to do and how to do it, but hadn't quite noticed that the power to weight ratio isn't there any more. A while ago I saw something like this where it didn't go wrong, by a dance teacher. Not a step wrong, so I guess there was muscle under the fat, but it still looked weird.

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In that case I identify as a bodybuilder

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She's too fat to be jumping around like that.

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A lesson she just learned.

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Fierce, portly goddesses can do anything skinny bitches can do and do it way better, you nazi!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks Captain Obvious

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Reminds me of the hippos from Fantasia.

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