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Niggers. The little one wasn't going to take everything but the fat bitch corrected him.

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she wasn't even smart enough to just turn the bowl over inside instead of going back and forth.

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He will next time. Nig in training.

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Just like at the Welfare office.

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Teaching the turdlet to be a nigger.

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What a fine example she is setting for the kid. it's no wonder why so many of them turn out to be criminals.

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It in their nature; it's just acting naturally.

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It's like picking berries in the jungle.

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When I first learned this (on Voat) it made so much sense of everything. They just have a "hunter/gatherer" mentality. Gather as much as you can in good times and just adapt ot the poverty and lack in lean times. This woman is simply doing what her instincts tell her to do. This is only a problem when they are introduced to a farming/building environment (which they have been). It's like bringing a fox onto your farm and then blaming it when it kills all your chickens.

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You just watched the kid instinctively only take one...

The fucking pozzed she boon is the problem.

I have news you're not gunna like princess.

A black kid raised in a home with a father is less likely to be a criminal than a white kid raised by a single white mom.

Yea, they have lower IQ's and more testosterone. But the biggest factor in their criminality by far is the fact that sheboon is raising that kid instead of it's father.

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I’m confused who is? The little kid was just going to take one piece, it was the mother setting a bad example.

[–] SyriansFuckCorpses 1 points 12 points (+13|-1) ago 

That's not the full extent of it though. Niggers are genetically programmed to be criminals. Even shitlets adopted into rich white families become criminals.

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So why did the kid only take one piece?

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Why didn't she just tip the bowl in the bag ?

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Niggers are not known for smarts.

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The slow handful at a time process made the theft more enjoyable for her. That and she's too stupid.

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Savoring the theft! Fuck that was funny.

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Might drop some on the ground, and she probably can't bend over to pick them up.

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Just put some job applications nearby, they'll avoid the place

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fucking niggers. no matter where they go or are.

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they are always posting Imgur links

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it's amazing that a nigger has survived here for 3.9 years.

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Maybe that's the kid's father's house ?


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Yeah, he's in prison.

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And it's not just regular niggers. I had to teach the local taco family near me why it was bad to play hide and go seek with the children on other people's property after dark. I am starting to think melanin is inversely proportional to IQ. Like 100% and for sure.

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Taco niggers are only slightly better than nigger niggers.

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Fucking close man. Wide variety though too. Hang in Mexico City and you'll meet white Mexicans. They run the place. Up here, not so bright.

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True lol I knew a Castizo that looked white but she had brown frekles on her and she acts like a light core nigger

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i have long had this theory actually, however what i cannot reconcile is Asians actually have a higher average IQ then whites while possessing more melanin then whites. however it seems as if they are less creative but give them a task and BAM off they fucking go.

[–] IsaacJan 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago 

Here, I’ll solve this one for you, dipshit.

Asian culture is heavy into education, way more than most white countries. They also do not have to deal with so much kiked misinformation and common core. The result is a generally smarter base populous. Were we not being attacked by kikes, we’d have as much or more intelligence.

Don’t disparage your own race because you believe kike lies.

[–] Anon1492 2 points 4 points (+6|-2) ago 

Asians also cheat. They cheat on IQ tests, they cheat on college admissions exams and they cheat to get through school. If you don't know that, you don't understand Asian culture and "loss of face" for family and community is worse than being a fucking lying piece of cheating shit.

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Agreed. Maybe it was that they originally came from Siberians and migrated to the tropics. Future time orientation is a very big deal.

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Only Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese have a higher IQ than athe average of Europe. Southeast Asians like Filipinos, Cambodians, Vietnamese, Indonesians, Laotians, Thais, Burmese, and also South Asians, Central Asians, and West Asians are LOW IQ and they make up most of Asia. The average IQ of Asians is low. Take out all the gypsies, muslims, arabs, and other out of Europe and then you have countries in Europe have an equal or higher IQ than Japanese or Koreans.

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good example for that kid, his fat as fuck mom just jacking all the candy she likely kept for her fat self. BLACKS ACT THE WAY THERY DO BECAUSE OF POVERTY,, no they dont, they act that way because they ARENT LIKE US.. fuck me

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I’d argue this video is suicide to genetic arguments, the child only took one piece.

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Anecdotal in the extreme.

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No, because many genes only become active in puberty, it is likely his body was still implementing the dumb-ass and stink-like-a-monkey genes at his age

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