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Pretty impressive. Also pretty embarassing for the adults letting these freaks run around harrassing kids.

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this is the world boomers left for us.

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Yeah, I was born in 1990. As I continue to get older I look back and realize more and more how shitty the culture I was born into was. Then I start to think of the kind of world the boomers were born into and compare and contrast. The economic differences are already more than enough, but as if that weren't enough, I had to enter the dating scene when being a single mom was starting to become a fashion trend, among other issues.

Despite the constant "look at the Millennials" jokes today, I think people born around 1990 will eventually be seen as one of the more hard ass generations.

I don't buy the Millennials are all lunatic Marxists meme. It's much like how, if you just watch ((mainstream media)) you'd be led to believe half the country is gay. It's not, it's more like 5%. Similarly, people born in 1990 turned 18 in 2008. Sure, Obama was elected that year, but hardly anyone in that age group could vote. As more and more could you got a republican house, then a republican senate, then most of the governors and state congresses, and, briefly, the US house, senate, presidency and supreme court. My point isn't that republican's are great (they're not), but that you didn't see a socialist take over as soon as Millennials got voting power.

And now I'm starting to see a trend among this age group of returning to traditional family values, traditional gender roles, etc. Probably precisely because of the childhoods we all collectively had. If we stay strong and keep trending in that direction I think our children and grandchildren will have a shit ton of respect for what we'll hand off to them after what we went through.

We just have to make sure we don't raise them the way the "Greatest Generation" raised the boomers.

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Boomers hate these fags. In fact, everyone seems to. Progressive Democrats with Soros money pushed this shit onto the public, through degenerate movies, TV, and "news" reporting how they need "respect".

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Especially considering most trannies are better than average street fighters. I've seen many a frat boy have a real bad day in Key West.

If you find yourself going against one DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE IT.

They are indeed MEN and many have been beaten and sexually abused by fathers, uncles, older brothers. Many have slept with confused or lonely guys only immediately after to be attacked by them as the realization of how low they have fallen hits them.

That kid did great and has some training. But most trannies have much more street fighting experience than your average American white dude.

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You also have to contend with rage. Some are probably mad at society. They feel rage when you shatter their tenuous reality tunnels. As soon as you show that you don't care for the charade, you have to deal with an angry dude.

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This kid used the oldest technique in the book. The good ol hip toss. Works every time in a street fight.

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That kid did great and has some training. But most trannies have much more street fighting experience than your average American white dude.

That's scary as shit to think about, especially considering how insane they are.

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What is a grown ass man doing trying to punch a 14 year old? Oh ya, it's mentally ill.

But that was awesome, dude got dropped lol.

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Send a thank you note to all the media that are run by Jews that "normalized" this brain damaged nonsense.

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He dropped his dildo.

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Well done. That using the momentum into a lift was very effective. I can't believe that tranny had the gall to get up and try for another hit after that.

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Are zoomers really this based?

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First generation in a long time to be more right wing than its predecessor. Though don't fall in to the trap of assuming that means we're majority right wing like so many do, there's still plenty of degenerates. The indoctrination goes deep and won't be uprooted in a single generation.

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Not the female one... The female ones are selling themselves to degenerates.

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The guys are, most of the girls aren't

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This is why we need to teach all of our kids a form of martial arts.

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So if you don't have a BJJ studio around you which martial art is a good alternative? Anybody here take martial arts?

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Judo =/= BJJ. And stay the hell away from BJJ. If you only learn one thing make it a stand up fighting martial art. Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, Kickboxing etc. are all good, but for all these you need to find a good school to go to.

Look for a place that has intense training during the classes, doesn't emphasize contracts and payed rank advancement, and has a balanced number of students.

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I know judo isn't the MA the kid was doing, I asked because BJJ seems to be the gold standard with mma. I usually think to "follow the money" and it seems everyone is training their fighters in BJJ when it comes to professional fighting.

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