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I was at a gun expo recently and some guy was showing me "The World's Best Holster."

Half the time he was demonstrating he was pointing the gun at people.

He had a ton of plastic models on the table, but for some reason he started with an actual handgun. It was obviously empty, but still... How does someone selling shit at a gun expo have zero muzzle discipline?

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How does someone selling shit at a gun expo have zero muzzle discipline?

It's the Fudd mentality, and unfortunately good tactics have only really begun taking hold in the last 10 or so years. I've met FFL holders that think the FFL somehow imbues them with Tier One operator status (and skills).

Those older Fudd dealers market their crap as the "world's best" based on the standard from like the 80's. They don't seem to realize that no matter how great their one-size-fits-all shit is, it can never be as safe or comfortable as custom kydex.

To a certain extent, the Fudd mentality is also why our 2A is so fucked right now. Just like good tactics, the concept of "ANY gun law is an infringement" only recently took hold. Prior to this, most everyone was a casual "sure, expanded background checks" faggot.

Somewhat relevant: https://voat.co/v/whatever/3247803/18889188

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The "sure, expand background checks" faggots felt safe enough, so they allowed it to happen.

Some are starting to realize safety doesn't exist when people with no morals, standards, or principles are injected into our society.

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...only recently took hold

When they started realizing that any hunting rifle could be described as a ‘sniper rifle’ ? or are they still catching on?

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This is why liberals are afraid of guns. They only ever see careless assholes.

Jk, liberals are puritanical anti-white jew golem npcs who do as they're told, and monkey no likey loud bang unless it's rap

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If you really wanna scare some anti-gun cuck, show them israeli training footage. Literally the land of "DON'T CARRY WITH A ROUND IN TEH CHAMBER IT MIGHT GO OFF"

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People in the know describe this as "Women Conscription Carry"

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Why? Just why couldn't it have been a real firearm that was loaded and actually charged so she could goodify her face?

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Omg that's awesome.

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For mobile users (shittier quality but should work): https://magaimg.net/img/84ar.gif

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I laughed my ass off at boogerhooks

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Well, wouldn’t this make whatever movie/tv series from which this is taken all the more realistic? I mean, that’s a pretty good representation of what happens when standards are lowered to let more ‘diversity hires’ in...

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Well... there’s 20 seconds I’ll never get back

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